The Lady Behind It All

Welcome! My name is Andraya and I am an Irish native, living in Galway. I originally set up this blog as a hobby, to expose my love for both writing and speaking about topics I’m passionate about. With both an English, Political and Business degree behind me, I am very savvy online and love a good debate. I worked previously as a Media Director in a company, which led to where I am today. I am a full time photographer, social media marketer and graphic designer, solely earning a living. Is it tough? Blimey you bet it is, but do I love the work that I’ve gained through this experience? 100%! I love a good challenge, and both this blog, my photography and social media work are the most challenging things I’ve faced to date.


I’m a massive foodie, and in this blog you will find article upon article about my day to day life, hunting for good restaurants in every city I visit. If you’ve a passion for food like me, be sure to check out some of my food posts. From recipes to top restaurants, my blog has it all! Stay tuned for weekly updates.


In 2016, I made the choice to start travelling frequently with my partner at the time, and friends. I made frequent visits to Europe, which then expanded to the US. My travels continue to date, and my love for exploring new cities and towns has grown phenomenally. In this blog, you will find dozens of articles, giving insight into some of the locations I have discovered, both in Ireland and abroad. I give insight into some of the best travel guides, restaurants and hidden gems amongst some of the greatest cities known to man. Be sure to check out some of my posts, and if you’re looking to visit somewhere in particular, you can use the search tab to find a post on it (if I’ve been!).

Mental Health

I have always been a massive mental health advocate, as a giant anxiety sufferer. I’ve lived with anxiety since I can remember, and thus, feel it is my duty to explore this topic as it is close to my heart. The 21st century has acknowledged mental health on another level. People are beginning to speak up, to speak out about their livelihoods, their mental illnesses. Although a difficult topic to speak about, we need to do it. We must come together as human beings and discuss what we all have in common, our mental well being. This blog has been designed to focus on the importance of mental health and how we as people can help each other. You will find many posts under Lifestyle, which solely focuses on my day to day life with anxiety, and how we can be mindful towards each other.

Disability Awareness

When I originally set up my blog, I wanted to speak as freely as possible, where possible. In 2018, it was brought to my attention that not enough people are actively speaking up about their personal disabilities. People consider it embarrassing to speak out. I was studying in University at the time, and discovered a student society that solely focused on disability awareness. Within this society, I founded a programme called Le Chéile, which was designed to encourage young people to get talking. The programme enables younger generations in both primary and secondary education to speak about disabilities in the classroom. I wanted to encourage younger people to get talking, to prevent bullying within the classroom. If young peers were to become aware and understanding of a classmates disability, perhaps they would become mindful, and considerate. Although my University journey has ended, Le Chéile continues to blossom! You’ll find articles on common disabilities under Lifestyle, which may educate or help you in times of need.


Fashion, which is regularly discussed under Lifestyle, is something I’ve always been passionate about. My friends call me Carrie, and to be honest, Ms Bradshaw was always my go to inspiration. I have a passion for unique clothing, and in more recent times, sustainable clothing. There’s nothing I love more than finding an old vintage piece in a charity shop, which often inspires a 90’s look. For regular updates on style, ideas and fashion tips, keep an eye on my Lifestyle section of my blog.


I am very lucky to do what I do, and I still have major punch me moments! I hope you, the reader of this blog, enjoy your time spent reading my articles which interest you.

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