Why now?

For months and months I’ve been putting off writing a blog. I documented each travel experience, took hundreds of photos of food, but even so, I hid my work from the public. One evening, I was sitting in the library, work overflowing, and I decided to do a clearance of old documents and found my old travel diaries. I showed them to close friends, looking for opinions to see if they were worthy or if they should join every other document in the trash. After weeks of prepping and putting it off, I finally decided to set up a blog. Why now though? 2017 is nearly over, and with 2018 just weeks away, I think it’s time for a fresh start. Every single year I draft ‘Write a blog’ in bold on my iphones’ notes.. but I never pursue it. Each experience I’ve had this year has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and take the plunge. I’ve taken hundreds of photos of each fancy looking meal I’ve been served. I’ve reported each travel experience I’ve had in detail. So why waste another year, documenting and wasting footage, without showing off what I love most? This year will be my year. I’ve nothing to lose, I ain’t getting any younger!!

I’m going to release each travel story to my blog. I’m going to expose old photo’s from restaurants that deserve a bit of praise, and I’m going to get as creative as I can with my love for music and fashion. With four weeks off from college, and only working part time, it shouldn’t be too difficult. My first travel story is up, under ‘Travel’ content. I’ve loads more coming, so keep your ears to the ground.


First travel blog is up, click the link below!



Tig x

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