Dad: The Hardest Man to Buy For

Every single Fathers Day, I struggle with gift ideas for my Dad. I’d be lying if I said that shopping for men was in anyway simple. This year, I’m adamant to spoil my Dad. Nearly EVERY single Fathers Day, I celebrate my birthday, as both always seem to coincide. This year, I’ve resorted to having a quiet Birthday as I turn the big 2-3, and solely focus on getting my Dad something that he will remember. I’ve always been a big lover of “buying something big”, but I’ve learnt in time that most Dad’s prefer the little things. Every year, I spend €5 on a witty card which eventually see’s the back of the chest of drawers. Since I was a little girl, my Dad always insisted that I make him a card, rather than investing in something that he’ll never look at again. So this year, I’m going to compile a few photographs, get inventive, and give him the best memorabilia ever.

I’ve been jotting down gift ideas over the last number of weeks. Every time my Dad mentions something he likes, or shows an interest in something, it goes straight into my little journal of ideas. I’m going to share with you some of the ideas I have come up with over the last number of weeks. Some of which are pricier than others, and some which may not correlate with all Father’s, as these ideas have been strictly inspired by my Dad’s loves and interests. I hope I can provide some inspiration along the way!

1. A Whiskey Tasting Set

This idea was inspired by a whiskey store in Dublin, which reminded me that a lot of Dad’s enjoy a cold brew after a long hard day at work. There’s nothing greater than sitting back with a heavy whiskey glass, sipping on iced Jameson in the evening time. My Dad has been on the hunt for a heavy whiskey glass for comfort and decor, and I’ve found a lovely set in the Kilkenny Gift Shop, at €49.95, which to my luck is on offer. It comes in a set of six, and consists of diamond cuts surrounding the glass.

Irish Crystal Whiskey Glass, The Kilkenny Shop, €49.95

2. Barbecue Accessories

Since Summer kicked off, my Dad has been making the very most of the BBQ out the back garden. He’s fond of making Steaks and Burgers for the family, but I’ve noticed that he uses regular kitchen utensils outdoors. I thought to myself, why not purchase him an outdoor kit that he can keep separate! B&Q have the perfect set in store, for just €26 which caught my eye! Ideal for the man that loves to cook outdoors!

BBQ Accessories Set, B&Q, €26

3. An Overnight Bag

My Dad frequently works away from home, meaning he stays in different counties around the country. The bag he carries with him is ideal, but outdated, and I’ve spotted some lovely leather bags in Debenhams that I know he’d love! If your Dad is well travelled or perhaps extremely fashionable, these bags are a must have, and at only €84!

Hammond & Co. Bag, Debenhams, €84

4. A Walking Jacket

My Dad loves walking the promenade, and as we live in Ireland, it’s expected to get a rainy day, here and there. It can be difficult to know what to wear on a long walk, especially when it’s humid outside! I’ve hunted down a beautiful jacket from the North Face, which is perfectly suited for both Summer and Winter, as it’s light and carries enough space to fit a warm jumper underneath during the Winter. It’s just €80 and comes in array of colors!

The North Face WaterProof Jacket, Arnotts, €80

5. Bits and Bobs

If your Dad is like mine, he’ll insist that you get him something small this coming Fathers Day. In a case scenario like so, if you buy him something big, he’ll insist you return it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I recommend compiling a few little pieces together. Buy a photo frame and put a family photo inside. Buy him his favorite beverage and chocolates. Cook him up the best fry he’s ever had. Or better yet, take him out for breakfast!

Dad’s simply appreciate when thought and care is put into their presents! You don’t need to spend hundreds to make your Dad happy. But by buying something that suits his personality, you’re showing that you have an interest and know exactly what he’d like! It’s the thought that counts at the end of the day, but I hope my ideas have sprung some inspiration for you. Tiggy x

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