Annecy: A Guide

I recently travelled to a little town in the South of France, which meets the Swiss Alps, only an hour away from Geneva, Switzerland. When originally booking a trip away, I was eager to venture to somewhere different. I wanted to visit a destination that no one had been to before. After plenty of research, we found Annecy. It looked aesthetic, colorful and summery, and that’s all we wanted.

We booked flights to Geneva, as it appeared to be the closest airport to Annecy which was approximately 50 minutes away in a taxi. In regards to transfers from Geneva to Annecy, we were fooled into believing that a taxi would cost us hundreds to get to Annecy, but this is untrue. Sharing a taxi is most advisable, and cost us €85 altogether when sharing with another couple, but cost us €120 altogether on our return to Geneva. A lot of private transfer companies will try and convince you that €200 with them is the cheapest you will get, but we were very lucky to have waited until our arrival to Geneva airport and chancing using the taxi service. *Make sure you book a French taxi driver as they charge you less*.

We stayed in a hotel called Les Tresoms Spa Resort which was a 25 minute walk to the town centre. We chose this hotel simply because it provided a swimming pool and a view which overlooked the mountains and lake which Annecy is most famous for. I found it difficult to find a hotel which provided a decent looking swimming and sun area. If you’re going to Annecy for a sun holiday, I’d advise staying in this resort. The spa was all inclusive and the staff were extremely helpful and had fantastic English. The breakfasts each morning were out of this world. As it was a buffet, the choice was endless. Fruit, pastries, cold meats, eggs, sausages, yoghurts, you name it. The hotel restaurant overlooked the lake, so as you can imagine, our morning views were beautiful.

As Annecy is quite a small region, there are limited amount of things to do. The most popular attractions are boat rentals, paragliding and cycling the lake. As our time was short, we decided to set sail on the lake. We were in Annecy at a very hot time, so cycling around Lake Annecy didn’t seem like the most viable option. We rented out a boat on our third day, which was absolutely magical. It cost us €60 for 1 hour, but was worth every cent. We had the option to rent out a pedal, paddle or motorboat, so we ventured for a motorboat which was enticing. No boat licenses were required, just proof of I.D on arrival. We sailed Lake Annecy and captured the immense views of the surrounding hills and mountains. It was my favorite part of our holiday and I couldn’t recommend it more.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. We attempted to dine as the French did while staying in Annecy. The local town was filled with dozens of restaurants and café’s to choose from. There were ice cream parlors and churro stands on each street corner. On arrival to what the locals call “Little Venice” the streets are filled with restaurants which we ate at each night. We dined at one particular restaurant, Le Munich, which provided stunning gourmet burgers. Disclaimer, the French love Tartare meat, so when necessary, tell them how you’d like your beef to avoid pink bits! Overall, the food stood out a mile and never disappointed. It was a little pricey for what we paid for but certainly worth it. We tried Croque Monsieur, a French snack, which was €5 in most places. It was a nice lunch nibble to keep us going until dinner!

Although my stay was limited in Annecy, I fell madly in love with the location and do wish to return. If you’re one who loves an incredible view, adventuring landmarks and taking photographs, I’d highly recommend Annecy. It serves for all, those who wish to sun tan, those who wish to go on an adventure, and those who wish to experience the French culture. English was second nature to most of the locals, but there weren’t many tourists on site. There were dozens of French and Swiss tourists, but very few English speaking visitors. I enjoyed the thrill of visiting somewhere I could embrace the French culture and live as they do. We only saw a small portion of Annecy as it’s so much bigger than I anticipated. If you’ve visited the likes of Lake Garda or Venice and loved it, you’re in for a treat in Annecy as it is just so similar. I truly recommend this little yet extraordinary village to all.

Les Tresoms Spa Resort (Link)

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  1. Pól MacSuibhne says:

    Wow. Annecy looks truly beautiful. The photos are fantastic and you’ve just got such a natural way with words – a flow, if you will. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and you should really consider posting more frequently because it’s top content. I read your Anxiety entry and I feel as though that you’ve got serious scope for writing on more personal issues as well!


    1. OnlyTiggy says:

      That’s so nice of you thank you ❤️❤️


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