Staying Healthy During Winter: My Tips

My least favourite time of the year is on it’s way. As I do not have the monetary funds to escape the wet Irish weather, I have to endure the Winter ahead. But worst of all, I have to endure the risk of cold’s and flu’s. I fell unwell quite recently, but was back to myself in about two days. I’ve always been a walking medicine cabinet, so carry all the necessary goods for preventative measures. That being said, sometimes a bottle of hand sanitiser is not enough to prevent your immune system from crashing down. Our tiresome bodies give in, letting us know that we need a break. I’ve compiled a list of things that help me when I’m unwell, and actually speed up the recovery process! I swear by each of these tools! What’s greater is each one is solely organic and natural!

Citrus Fruits

Whenever I feel a little run down, I’ll dose myself with plenty of fruit. Citrus fruits have a high Vitamin C content which boost our immune system and ward off bacterial infections. Although acidic, when I’m under the weather I’ll eat three mandarin oranges a day. It’s not necessarily kind on the stomach, as citrus fruits are acidic. My best advice is eat large meals throughout the day and finish off your meal with a nice orange. It’ll boost your energy levels and make you feel a little refurbished.

Apple Cider Vinegar

There is no accurate proof to say that Apple Cider Vinegar is in anyway medicinal. There have been countless studies to suggest that this ingredient can kill bacteria, ward off diseases and even prevent cancer. My method of dosage goes as follows.

– Take two shots in the morning to start off your day in a healthy manner. If you don’t feel like taking a dash of vinegar, as the taste is not very appealing, I recommend putting two capfuls into a bowl of porridge. I do this every morning, mixing it with honey!


Speaking of honey.. did you know that honey is great for soothing sore throats? Whenever I am feeling unwell, I make a homemade remedy with honey, lemon, hot water and a dash of whiskey. This remedy feeds the soul and warms the belly. Whiskey is also great for killing bacteria in the stomach. This remedy is best taken in the evening before bed. It can also be taken without any whiskey at all!


I am terrible at taking vitamin tablets, but whenever I’m sick, I’ll overdose on vitamins to fight off infection. This is not advisory, as vitamin tablets take time to process in your body. If you wish to ward off nasty infections, I recommend taking naturally processed vitamin tablets. The trick is to start taking these as September arrives and the weather is beginning to change. It will boost your immune system for the changing Winter months. These tablets are fuelled with natural ingredients and can be bought in any health store!

Stay Clean!

Remaining hygienic when unwell is vital! Not only are you preventing passing a bug on, but you are preventing the continuum of your own illness! Humans have this notion that once we are ill, we will get it out of our system and move on, but bacteria lives on, and if we do not take hygienic measures we can become unwell again. My best tips to remain hygienic are as follows.

1. Strip your bed clothes. Although you feel like death, changing your bed clothes and replacing them with fresh sheets removes any bacteria you’ve slept with. Plus, fresh sheets when you’re unwell is the best feeling!

2. Change your clothes. If you’re bed bound and stewing in old pyjamas, freshen up with a hot shower and new clothes every now and then. It’ll make you feel so much better, trust me.

3.Open a window or two. When you have a cold or flu, the last thing you want is to keep the windows open, but doing this every once in a while will remove any bacteria lingering in your room. It’ll freshen up your room and release a new lease of life.

4. Remove dirty tissues. If you’re blowing your nose a lot, rid your tissues into the nearest toilet. Do not let bacteria linger in between your bed sheets or night stand. Removing your tissues and keeping your bathroom clean will prevent the spread of bacteria.

Stay Warm!

If you have no choice but to leave your home when sick, wrap up. Even if it’s a warm day, stay protected. Cover up your chest and neck if you are feeling bunged up or are suffering from a sore throat. We as humans have a habit of thinking we’re healthier than we are and do not take the necessary precautions to prevent our bodies from shutting down even more.

Salt Water

Gargling salt water is the BEST trick in the book. I have a tendency of picking up strep throat and pharyngitis, so this method is extremely handy. Take 2 tablespoons of salt and mix it into a glass full of luke warm water. Gargle this two or three times a day and I can promise it will ease the pain of your throat, and if you are lucky, kill the germs sitting on it!

These methods are probably the oldest tricks in the book, and I’m sure everyone follows at least one of them. I honestly swear by them! I was unwell recently and recovered in a day and a half after taking each of these measures. I forced myself to eat, drink and take necessary measures, although I felt horrid. But it worked out ideally in the long run. I’m working on taking vitamin tablets and eating a balanced diet to prevent the relapse of a nasty flu arising. Keep warm and well guys, and I hope these tips help. Let me know what measures you take when you’re feeling a little run down!

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