Farmhouse Brown Bread: Recipe

As the evenings get darker and Winter begins to fall, cooking becomes more than just a hobby for me. I love baking in the Winter. Nothing beats a home cooked meal after a day in the rain or homemade cookies by the fire. Baking has always been a hobby of mine, and in more recent times, I’ve had more time on my hands to get creative!

My first Seasonal recipe this Autumn is my all time favourite, Farmhouse Brown Bread. It’s easy, long lasting and is a little taste of heaven. Feast your eyes on the ingredients below and get cracking!


• 500ml wheatmeal

• 500ml of Oat Bran

• 500ml of Plain Flour

• 3 tsp of Bread Soda

• 100ml of Brown Sugar

• 2 Eggs

• 100ml of Olive Oil

• 1L of Buttermilk

• A Cup of Mixed Seeds

*Please note I measure my ingredients in a jug but they are the exact same measurements in grams!

These measurements bake three loaves of bread.

• You will need 3 baking tins.

• Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

After preparing your ingredients and completing measurements, mix your dry ingredients into a large bowl. (Wheatmeal, Oat Bran, Bread Soda and Brown Sugar).

After giving each of these ingredients a good mix, add your wet supplements to the bowl. (2 Eggs, Olive Oil and Buttermilk).

Whisk these ingredients together until fluffy. These gradients resemble a cake mixture and will give your finished bread a fluffy texture!

On completing your mixture, pour equal measurements of the mixture into three grease proofed baking tins. Top off each tin with mixed seeds, pouring them evenly over the top of the pre baked bread.

Leave your bread into the Oven for approximately 55 minutes, keeping a conscious eye on each case.

When removing each loaf of bread from their cases, you can knock on the base of the bread to see if it’s cooked. It should make a hollow noise if cooked perfectly in the centre. You don’t have to do this but it’s always a good testing method!

Leave to cool before serving, and then enjoy. I recommend eating this bread with butter and jam. It is divine! If you’ve a sweet tooth for bread in the mornings, why not cook up a loaf one evening this Autumn. It’s long lasting and full of nutrients.

I hope some of you decide to make this, you won’t regret it! It’s mouthwatering and the best home baked good you’ll have!

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