Sleep Remedies for Anxiety Sufferers

As an Anxiety sufferer, I’m frequently troubled by falling asleep. I’ve tried the wildest remedies over the last number of years to get to sleep. I’ve gone beyond reach and have even tried drinking a glass of whiskey before bed before exams to knock me out (which does not work unless you are unwell). I thought I’d share with you some of my tips and tricks if you’re struggling to get to sleep. You don’t have to suffer from anxiety or insomnia to have trouble sleeping. Sleepless nights are not uncommon.

Refresh and Relax

Take two hours before going to bed to relax and wind down. What I’ve discovered in recent times is that I have a tendency of quickly getting ready for bed. I’ll rapidly take off my makeup and slip into pyjamas in a scurry. If you can, avoid doing so. Take two hours before bed time where you wind down, take off your makeup and do your cleansing routine. Then kick back and do what you enjoy most to relax. Be it reading a book, watching Netflix or spending time with the people around you, take time to regenerate.

Turn off your phone

One thing we’re all guilty of is sitting down in the evening, scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and Instagram and doing nothing else. Not only does this have a negative impact on your mental health, but it can stimulate your brain which can keep you awake longer. My advice is to switch off about 2 hours before you sleep as it’ll give your eyes a rest and prepare them for a good nights sleep.

Don’t eat after 8pm

A bad habit I have is eating late at night. I enjoy a sweet treat after a long day, and in some case scenarios, my day is very busy so I eat my dinner at 9. Some people are very lucky and can sleep easily after eating, but unfortunately for some, it can give us an energy kick. I advise avoiding sugars and high salt contents late at night, as it can prevent a good night’s rest. It can also disturb your body when trying to digest everything. If you have little or no choice but to eat later, try eating some of the following:

Watermelons, Pistachios, and figs provide a high content of magnesium which can promote your body to feel sleepy and relaxed. Another go- to is drinking herbal teas a half an hour before bed. Camomile tea has calming affects and can relax you when feeling uptight. When I’m worrying about exams, camomile tea sends me straight to bobo land. Another option is warming up a glass of milk and taking it to bed with you. It’s full of nutrients and can be very soothing when you’re over tired.

Use Sleep Lotion and Sprays

Something I’ve found to be extremely useful is the Lush body spread “Sleepy Body Lotion”, which has naturally added contents to relax your body before sleeping. A lot of people believe this remedy to be a hoax, but after two months using this cream, I can safely say I believe this cream to work. Whether or not my belief has been driven by the art of psychology or if it truly contains special additives, it helps me sleep when I’m struggling with worry.

Another fantastic remedy I use is the “Sleep Pillow Spray” which is available online Beauty Bay and can be bought in lots of drugstores. I squirt two sprays of this on my pillow before going to bed if I’m feeling especially anxious. It contains a strong lavender scent which is proven to relax the body.

Sleep Spray: This Works.
Sleep Body Lotion: Lush


When you are suffering from anxiety, it’s easy to slouch around doing nothing. One thing I’ve found to help me when I’m rather het up is going for a long walk. I recommend doing this in the early stages of the evening, as if you leave it close to bed time, your Adrenalin will be pumping and you’ll struggle to relax. Go for a walk, it’ll generate peace. It will clear your head and tire your body. Fresh air is good for the body and mind.

Light A Candle

I keep two candles by my bedside which I light most evenings when winding down. I find that they omit calming affects and make a room feel cosy and safe. When I’m feeling stressed, I lie in bed reading an uplifting book with my candles lit beside me. It relaxes me enough until I feel drowsy. Just be very cautious that you don’t go to sleep with burning candles next to you! I suggest purchasing Lavender enriched candles which release calming scents.

Don’t Check The Time

I have a really bad habit of checking the time repetitively when I can’t sleep. What I’ve discovered is this only inhibits the greater chance of me staying awake all night. Constantly reminding yourself of the time will remind you of just how little sleep you’ve had and just how much sleep you are going to get. It can actually trigger anxiety, so try avoid looking at your phone or alarm clock.

I hope these remedies can help those of you who struggle to sleep at night. If you’re struggling to get to sleep, remember that you’re not alone. If you get little or no sleep, take the necessary vitamins to revitalise your body and prevent catching a cold or flu. Happy Snoozles. X

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