Coronation Chicken: Recipe

There’s nothing I enjoy more than cosy food during Autumn in preparation for Winter. I’m prone to catching colds, so building my immune system during September and October is a must. That being said, it’s easy to get fed up of vegetable soup and Irish Stews. A dish I’ve grown fond of with plenty of nutrients is my specialty, Coronation Chicken. This dish can be served with jacket potatoes, pasta or in some cases, in a lunch sandwich. It’s packed with goodness and bursts of flavours. I’ve left the recipe below for those who may be interested.


Diced Chicken Meat, 900g

Smoked Bacon (not essential), 125g

Shallots, x12

Mild Curry Powder, 1 tbsp

Hunny, 1 tbsp

Crushed Garlic Cloves, x2

Cooking Cream, 300ml

Chopped Parsley

Olive Oil

Additional Suggestions: 90g chopped grapes, Pasta, Saffron Rice, Potatoes

You will need: A Large Frying Pan

Step by Step Guide:

1. Cook your chicken, bacon, shallots and garlic in your lightly oiled pan for 15 minutes.

2. When fully cooked, add your cooking cream and curry powder, blend into your chicken mix, slowly adding honey to the frying pan on a low heat. Allow your mix to blend, seasoning it with fresh parsley while simmering.

3. When the sauce has blended evenly into a thick creamy yellow texture, garnish with grapes (if you decide so).

4. I usually make this dish with pasta. Boil pasta in a cooking pot with hot water until ready to serve.

5. Place your mixture into a deep serving dish, served with fully cooked pasta, or whatever condiment you wish to add.

This dish really isn’t hard to make. I highly advise improvising with this dish. You can make use of your favourite fruits to give this dish a unique flavour. A recommended ingredient is apricots, or in some cases, almonds. Whatever your preference may be, don’t be afraid to add a unique twist to this meal. Enjoy x

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