Halloween Decorating at Home

I’m a massive Halloween fan, in case you haven’t noticed. I’m all for turning your home into a haunted house. My parents were massive advocates for Halloween when I was younger and always hosted the most incredible Halloween parties. Although we were young, they sure knew how to scare us. If you are looking to host a Halloween party this year, why not decorate your home to cause a scare or two? Below I’ve listed some decorations which can be found in-store, and some which will suffice for those who may not have interest in buying decorations and may wish to make themselves!

Just a thought..

Everyone has a different preference when decorating their home. Some may enjoy decorating their home in an Autumnal fashion with beautiful wreaths and scented candles, and some may prefer to darken their home with webs and witches. I personally love a bit of both. I will feature both Autumnal and Halloween ideas below.

Autumn Wreath

I love a good Autumn Wreath, as I think it can brighten up your front door. These can be both handmade or bought in store. If you are willing to make an Autumn Wreath, you will need branches, leaves and in some cases, pumpkins.

Using twine, tie your branches together in a circular motion. When this is done, decorate each branch with different coloured leaves, cones and flowers. Add a little touch to your Wreath by leaving different sized pumpkins outside your front door surrounding the wreath.

Spiders Web

Ever since I was a child, a massive tradition we had was hanging spiders web all over our kitchen to give my peers a spook! You can buy faux spiders web in lots of stores such as Tiger or online Amazon. It’s easily hung using blue tack. If you wish to be creative and make your own spiders web, this can be done using string and cotton wool. Shred cotton wool apart gently, leaving it fine and thin looking. Using meshy string, hang the cotton wool off it leaving a dewy web look. Don’t forget to get your hands on some plastic spiders! Unless you’re feeling up to the real thing..

Pumpkin Painting & Carving

I love pumpkin carving. My favourite thing to do is have a competition on the best carved pumpkin (Halloween party game idea). If you’re feeling a little lazy but creative, you don’t necessarily have to cut your pumpkin. Another idea is to paint the exterior, painting stripes or polka dots. This can brighten up a room or be designed to compliment home decor! If you’re like me and like having faux pumpkins as well, plenty of home-stores stock the most beautiful pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Some come in candle forms, some are designed to sit delicately on your hall table. I spotted some beautiful pumpkin decor in both TK Maxx and Dunnes Stores.

Halloween Lights

I love bedroom lights. Be it Summer, Winter, Autumn, my favourite thing to do is decorate my room with fairy lights. As it’s a little early to break the bank with wintery fairy lights, I’ve pulled out some Halloween lights in the shape of pumpkins to give my bedroom an Autumnal feel. Halloween lights can be bought in most stores such as Primark, TK Maxx and Dunnes Stores. If you’re really feeling Autumnal, purchase an Autumnal throw for your bed, with orange scented candles. There’s nothing cosier than candles and autumnal colours throughout your room!

Creepy Decor

If you’re hosting a scary Halloween party this year or just feel like giving your friends a spook, invest in some scary Halloween decorations. Every Halloween we plant our own faux graveyard with plastic skeletal parts and grave stones. We leave these in the front garden to give visitors a fright when walking through the entrance.

Another great idea is planting frightening looking crows and rats around your home. These can all be purchased in Joke Shops and Home Decor stores such as Tiger and TK Maxx. If you’re lucky enough to be going abroad before Halloween, be sure to stop by large supermarkets. Lots of European cities such as France and Italy sell gory looking masks and decorations, as Halloween is a massive celebration abroad!

A Halloween Welcome Sign

Lastly, a feature which most people forget is a sign to encourage trick or treaters to stop by. Our home can always look a little too frightening for children around Halloween, so make sure to make light and encourage children to pop by for some treats. If you want to have some fun, dress up in spooky costumes to give kids a scare (but try not to be too scary!) Make the most of Halloween as it only comes around once a year. This season gives us the opportunity to be as creative as we like!

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