Brunch in Galway

If you’re a fan of the current brunch trend, you may be eager to continue reading. I could honestly eat brunch three times a day. Over the last number of years, there’s been a steady growth and development in restaurants in my hometown, Galway. In more recent times, there has been a phenomenal growth in restaurants that do all day breakfasts and better yet, brunch dishes. I’ve dished out my top go-to spots which need to be individually ticked off the brunch list!

Dela Restaurant

This is by far my favourite place to have brunch. Be it 11am or 3pm, this is a remarkable spot to eat if you’re considering a late breakfast in Galway. Located on the west side of the city, on Dominick Street, Dela is located amongst a few phenomenal up market restaurants. It’s a five minute walk away from the town center. They serve brunch until 3pm, leaving you with plenty of time to roll out of bed and pop in for a late one! Their dishes are at an average price (€8-12). They serve the most beautiful breakfast cocktails as well if you’re considering a cheeky bev! The menu is set, giving you the option of healthy avocado breakfasts to sugary syrup flavoured pancakes! I personally adore the Eggs Benedict which is served with a side of preference (I get the Salmon). It’s to die for! As well as being reasonably priced, they never leave you short, your plate is so full that you’ll struggle to finish it!


Caprice is one of the loveliest (and instagrammable) spots I’ve come across in Galway city centre. It’s located just off Shop Street so you don’t have far to walk, and their food is divine! They only serve brunch until 12pm which bothers me a little, as their food is so out of this world that I’d love to have the option to go for brunch there later in the day! The staff are always incredibly friendly which adds to the experience. If you’re looking for somewhere that serves your fiery brunch appetite while presented immaculately for that perfect Instagram photo, Caprice is calling your name. The interior is what initially caught my eye, and then the food was the icing on the cake! They serve some divine sweet treats but once again, I love my poached eggs. My recommendation is the Poached eggs with pesto. It’s mouth watering. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Ard Bia @ Nimmos

Located at Nimmos pier in Spanish Arch, this gorgeous setting will entice you to go for a lovely early breakfast! This spot only does brunch until 12pm too which is a little bit disappointing. They’re not too lenient on providing brunch minutes after 12, so be sure to get there before the midday mark! That being said, you’ll want to get up early to explore the views of the Claddagh while eating your breakfast. This restaurant is literally located on the water, so you’ll be lucky enough to take in some breathtaking views of the bay. The setting is extremely cosy, and if you’re lucky enough, you might get your hands on a private booth accompanied by cushions! The food here is stunning. The owner is so friendly and makes your stay extremely welcome. If you’re a visitor touring Galway, be sure to pop by Nimmos as it’s a very historical spot, located under the beautiful archways in Spanish Arch!

Mocha Beans, Newcastle Road

Although a little bit outside the city centre, this restaurant is lovely for those who may be visiting the stated area. It’s located next door to the National University of Galway and the University hospital. If you’re a student on campus, treat yourself to breakfast in Mocha Beans! What makes this restaurant ideal is the fast service, yet high quality food. I didn’t expect to be impressed by their breakfast as I was familiar to their chain in Salthill, but Mocha Beans on Newcastle road is just lovely! The setting is extremely cosy and the food is divine. Breakfast ends at 12pm but brunch is continued throughout the day. This leaves you with a limited option but it’s worth it. Their dishes range between Breakfast bagels and the tastiest pancakes! If you’re feeling extra peckish, they make up some health kick smoothies! I love taking a break from studies to visit this spot. It’s aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable!

Hyde Gin Bar

If you’re looking for somewhere to brunch out during the weekend, Hyde is ideal! Their specialty is brunch at weekends only. The catch is “Bottomless Brunch”, giving you the option to drink unlimited amounts of Prosecco for just an extra tenner with your meal. If you’re spending the day with your friends, go to Hyde! Otherwise it’s just a dangerous game with a bottle of Prosecco! Luckily, brunch is served until 4pm, so you’ve plenty of time to get down for a late breakfast (meaning you don’t have to feel guilty for drinking!!). Not only is the food delicious, but the location is extremely beautiful. The interior stands out a mile. Located on Foster Street, Hyde is located just off Eyre Square. It’s the perfect location to spend your birthday, a bachelorette party or a celebration of some kind. Make sure to book in advance if you can, as the place is usually packed!

The Cellar

The Cellar pub is local to Galway city and has the finest fry ups known to every hungover soul. Their food may not be the most aesthetic, but it tastes remarkable. If you’re craving a fry or some homely scrambled eggs on toast, The Cellar is for you. They serve their breakfasts all day long so you’ll never be too late for breakfast! Their breakfasts are known to sooth the tummies of those who’ve been out the night before. The pub is extremely cosy so you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the heart of your sitting room enjoying a tasty fry while watching a match on the telly! Its my go- to spot if I’m craving sausages and rashers or if I am looking to grab some breakfast quickly before I go to work!

Cotton Tea Rooms

This location holds the most amicable views overlooking the river Corrib. This antique building is located near Galway’s courthouse. Similarly to most places, brunch ends at 12pm, except on weekends in which they continue brunch until 4pm and 3pm on Sundays. Weekends are for brunching! The breakfasts here are unlike anything else in Galway. Some of the varied meals on their brunch menu consist of sweet waffles, buttermilk pancakes, and even a brunch salad. The ambiance is magnificent and the view is even better. Even if you decide to pop in for a scone and a cup of coffee, you will be taken back by the incredible view. The staff are extremely helpful and will make you feel extremely comfortable!

As the queen of brunch, I cannot encourage visiting each of these places enough! Whether you’re looking for somewhere that’s a little over your price range for a treat or somewhere quick and tasty, these restaurants provide the lot!