10 Hot Chocolates you HAVE to try!

‘Tis the Season to be jolly, & ’tis the season for any excuse to drink hot chocolate on a Winters day. My favourite thing to do on a brisk eve is to curl up with a hot chocolate, home made or bought in the city centre. I’ve shortlisted some of my favourite places to get hot chocolate in Galway, if you have a thirst for it one of these days. I’ll also include a homemade hot chocolate recipe at the end which I swear is the best remedy after spending the day outdoors.

1. Insomnia

Insomnia is located inside Corbett Court Shopping Centre in Galway’s town centre. They have the most amazing hot chocolate which they make by melting chocolate into the bottom. Some of their seasonal treats include; Golden Caramel and Red Velvet Specials. I cannot recommend the Red Velvet Hot chocolate enough!

2. Butlers Hot Chocolate

Butlers Hot chocolate is located on Shopstreet. Their drinks are perfectly creamy and include lots of different flavours such as cookies and cream and salted caramel. There’s nothing better than a hot chocolate with a twist. One of my favourite things about Butlers is that you’re given a free chocolate with every beverage which definitely heightens the experience!

3. Hazel Mountain Chocolate

This divine spot is located on Middle Street. I found this hidden gem about a year ago while adventuring through the back streets of Galway and was delighted by this little find. All of their produce is homemade. You can watch the chocolate making process through a big window when you arrive. I had quite the Willy Wonka moment on arrival. If you’re looking for something a little unique, I’d definitely recommend giving Hazel Mountain a try!

4. Mocha Beans

Mocha Beans is located on Newcastle road. The interior alone will make you feel at home. Not only do they provide extremely creamy hot chocolate (alongside caramel hot chocolate if you’re feeling adventurous), but they are also very generous! I recently made a purchase and was in awe at the size! It was definitely worth the money I paid, and is totally worth going to.

5. Arabica

This little café is located on Domnick Street. Their hot chocolates are incredibly delicious but what stands to me is their White Angels which are made with a white chocolate syrup. If you’re ever feeling adventurous, definitely take a trip down to try out this unique but unbelievable beverage!

6. An Cupan Tae

Translating to “a cup of tea” I’m sure you can only imagine what kind of café this is. Using tea and tea only, their hot chocolate is divine. This hot chocolate is made with just rooibos tea and chocolate kernels. You could call this a healthier cup of hot chocolate, which will save you feeling immensely guilty!

7. Gourmet Tart Company & Co.

This little spot has expanded from Salthill into Galway’s town centre, with two coffee pit stops located just off shop street! Their hot chocolates are cheap and cheerful, and are always overloaded with marshmallows. If you’re looking to grab a quick bevy before work, why not drop by Gourmet Tart. They have the most incredible tartlets and pastries if you’re feeling a little extra bold!

8. Costa Coffee

There are two main Costa stores in Galway city. One on the Spanish Arch front, and one inside Corbett Court Shopping Centre, which is hard to miss! During Christmas, Costa usually introduce some seasonal hot chocolates such as Gingerbread and Salted Caramel. If you’re busy doing your Christmas shopping, take a break and relax in the heart of the shopping centre!

9. Java’s Creperie

Java’s is just located off Shopstreet. This location is for those with an extremely sweet tooth. Step inside this cosy French cuisine and sit next to the fire sipping hot coco, and if you’re feeling wild, have a chocolate crepe too (with fruit obviously, pretend it’s a diet). This place honestly lifts my heart, it’s so comfortable and the staff are so friendly.

10. Mr Waffle

If you’re a student or perhaps living near Newcastle, Mr Waffle is a beautiful spot for hot chocolate. Again, like most places; they do the most incredible desserts but I thoroughly recommend their hot beverages. Their both delicious and aesthetically appealing for all of the girls trying to get that Instagram!

Mocha Beans, Newcastle Road

Last but not least, I’m going to share with you my homemade hot chocolate recipe, which can be made for as many people as you like. I measure in cupfuls, so whatever you do, double up (or triple…) on each ingredient per serving!

For one person:

You will need;

– Cup

– Cooking Pot

– Milk

– Cocoa Powder of any preference (I use Cadbury’s & Cadbury’s Freddo)

– One small chocolate bar of your preference / OR / 1 and a half table spoon of Nutella.

– Marshmallows (optional)

– Cream (optional)

– 1 Oreo (keep the rest for dunking)

It’s as easy as this. Turn your hob on to the lowest possible heat and allow it to warm up. Pour your cupful of milk into the pan and allow it to simmer, slowly adding 2 and a half tea spoons of cocoa powder. When this is a deep brown colour, slowly add your chocolate bar, breaking it into pieces, or if you’re using Nutella, add both spoonfuls one after the other. The trick is to continually stir your drink to avoid the chocolate sticking and burning to the pot. A lot of people will disagree with this method and suggest pre melting your chocolate. I do not do this as I find that it melts right into the milk this way, leaving your beverage extra flavoursome! When the drink is simmering and fully heated and there’s no chocolate residue floating on top, pour your hot chocolate into your cup. While hot, break up an Oreo biscuit into the hot chocolate and stir until it’s fully melted. You can add marshmallows or cream, or a nice addition is frothy milk with chocolate shavings. This is honestly the most incredible recipe and I urge you all to go and make it immediately!