The Best Burger Joints in Galway

There’s nothing better than a nice big beef patty on a cold evening when scavenging through Galway city. My favourite thing about Christmas shopping is stopping halfway to grab a bite! I’ve been craving burgers lately, so below I’ve listed you some divine burger spots which you must give a try!

Handsome Burger

If you’re from Galway, I can imagine you guessed this was at the top of my list. This is probably my favourite Gourmet Burger in Galway, to be honest. Not only do Handsome serve burgers that’ll take your breath away, but they also serve the most delicious fries you will ever taste. A vegetarian option is also available to those who don’t eat meat. (a Spinach and Chickpea Bhaji Burger). As a regular customer, I cannot recommend the “Handsome Burger” enough. These handsome boys (lol), are located in Taylor’s bar at the moment but word has it they’re moving to their own location in the near future. * I pray this is true! * They are also available for private bookings if you have an event coming up in the future!

Wholly Cow

Another favourite of mine is Wholly Cow, located opposite The University Hospital. Although a little out of the way, it’s worth the trip. Wholly cow serve up some unusual burgers including the infamous Chilli special and Bacon Blue. Again, Wholly cow also serve a beautiful Vegetarian option (Coriander & Chickpea), alongside some fabulous fries in beef dripping or rapeseed oil. If you’re looking to venture away from Beef, another delightful option is the Turkey burger special! If you’re feeling a little lazy, you can takeaway using Well worth it!


Bó is the Irish translation for Cow.. Risky name, but welcome to Cow Town where beef burger dreams are made of. This little destination is hidden away on the back streets of Galway, on Dominick Street. I only discovered this little spot at the end of Summer and I’m delighted I did. This intimate spot offers craft beers to go with your beef burger to give it that extra feel. I recommend the Cajun special and The Smoky Bó. This place serves delicious sides such as corn on the cob and mac and cheese! Hungry yet?! I like how quirky this restaurant is and the staff are incredibly friendly. ~ Vegetarian Options are also available (NoBó) ~

The Chili Shack

Chili Shack can be found on lower Abbeygate street. They rock up the most divine gourmet burgers of all kind. I personally enjoy the cheese burger as I don’t really have a spicy taste for food, but if you do, this is the place for you! Chili Shack are known for their hot sauce burgers and incredible chicken wings. Another beauty I fell in love with was their chicken burger, which I found to be extremely fresh and crispy. The staff are extremely friendly and the turnover is very quick, so you’ll be delivered your burger within minutes after ordering! If you’re feeling extra peckish, get your hands on Poutine (chips, cheese and gravy). My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


If you’re from Galway, you’ll be familiar with this place! This location is great if you’re out with friends and would love a good burger and a pint. Caribou recently pulled out a new menu including some delicious gourmet burgers such as fried chicken and surf ‘n’ turf sliders made with beef. My favourite thing about this pub is the cosy feels it gives you as you get inside the door! Play board games and lounge on a couch by an open fire. You’ll feel perfectly at home. Caribou serve unique craft beers and beverages from all over Europe which are worth trying! Tip: Pre book, it’s usually very busy, so I best advise pre booking before your arrival to avoid disappointment!


Capones is outside Galway city centre, local to my area. If you are living in Knocknacarra or Barna, or perhaps visiting this area, stop at Capones for a burger and fries. Although their menu is large, giving you the wide option between pizzas, fish, pasta and lots more, I cannot recommend their burgers more! These masterpiece are stacked, piece by piece. You will not run short and you will leave there full! There are vegetarian options and gluten free buns if you’re looking for something different! If you’re looking for somewhere aesthetic and warm, Capones is ideally what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling wild, sneak in for a bev at their recently revamped cocktail bar!

The Burgerstory

Burgerstory is a very small yet tasteful spot overlooking the Spanish Arch. They serve all kinds of patty’s including beef and birds. This place reminds me of an American diner, serving milkshakes of all kind and chips with cheesy bacon toppings. If you’re looking for a good recommendation, I suggest The signature ‘Damnation’ burger or the infamous Cheese and Bacon burger! Tip: Burgerstory cook their burgers to particular preferences. They will ask you on arrival if you would prefer your burger cooked medium, rare or well done. I asked for well done but my burger still suggested pieces of pink meet inside which made me a little uncomfortable. Please over stress how you’d like your burger so you have no poor outcomes! To be honest, that’s my only complaint. Enjoy every second of it!

Writing these blogs are extremely difficult as I find it hard to narrow down restaurants. Being completely frank and honest, these are my top 7. I’ve tried plenty of burger joints but these are the places I find myself returning to the most. I hope I’ve led you to venture to new restaurants and try all kinds of recipes! Enjoy every minute!