Berlin: A Travel & Food Guide

Hello! I’ve recently returned from Berlin, Germany. I feel so grateful having been able to visit somewhere with such incredible architecture and cuisine yet such devastating history. If you’re looking to jet away to somewhere with great tasting food and lots of important landmarks, Berlin offers both.

Where We Stayed: Capri Fraser, Berlin. ****

We booked our hotel 4 weeks prior visiting Berlin, which some may consider a little risky. We were lucky to find ourself a beautiful Aparthotel premium executive suite for a very reasonable price. Not only was our room beautiful, but the location was ideal. It was just a ten minute walk to Alexanderplatz (a large square and transport district). Because we booked a suite, we were provided with a kitchenette, which meant we could buy in breakfast goods every morning. We were just a minutes’ walk away from a supermarket and local bakery which delivered the most beautiful fresh baguettes! The staff were incredibly helpful, offering us drink vouchers on arrival for having patience on waiting for our room, and guiding us through the various places to visit. I just adored the interior of the hotel! It was quirky and clean.

Where to Visit

Berlin is a grand city with lots of landmarks. After visiting, I do believe that you would need a full week to visit each museum and landmark properly. As our visit was only four days long, we weren’t equipped with seeing every landmark up close. If you’re looking to visit most sites, I highly recommend taking the big tour bus. You may be familiar with the city sight seeing bus in lots of big cities! I can not recommend taking this bus enough, as it stops at each site individually, giving you the opportunity to see them properly. My advice is to give yourself a full day to do each of these sites on the bus. Hopping on and off as you go! There are two main lines, one which will show you the East side of Berlin (East Side Gallery, The Berlin Wall) and one which has much more stops and will show you the westerly side of the city (Checkpoint Charlie, Neptune Fountain, Alexanderplatz). We were closest to the Alexanderplatz stop so hopped on across the road from a café called Balzac Coffee!

Some recommended sites to visit are:

Brandenburg Gate

Gendarmenmarkt (Beautiful historic square)

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Wall Memorial

The Reichstag (The German Parliament)

The Jewish Memorial Museum

Topography of Terror

The Holocaust Memorial

The Tv Tower

These are just a handful of sites which I saw along the way. I didn’t get to go inside some, as time was truly against us. The architecture of each building was unique in itself and represented the beautiful art and uniqueness of Berlin. I was truly troubled by the history of Berlin and all it has lost in the last few years. World War 2 brought some grave sadness to Berlin which is evident all over the city. We visited The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which was destroyed during the war. On entering the church, I felt truly agitated. It was unexplainably eerie and made my skin crawl. Photo’s of Hitler were plastered on to the wall from visits he made at a few Nazi Soldier funerals. The church narrowly stands alone, as at least half of the church was completely demolished during the war. It’s definitely worth visiting.

My TV Tower Experience

My favourite site to visit was The Berlin Tv Tower, also known as Fernsehturm. This tower is located in Alexanderplatz, 203 metres in the air. I pre booked our visit here as a birthday surprise for my boyfriend. I got in contact with the events organisers and managers. If you wish to visit the Tower, there is an option to visit the top at just €25 for as long as you’d like. As I made a table reservation in the restaurant, I had to pay for the reservation, which was €25, and any extra pieces included as it was a Birthday reservation. Food is relatively expensive, so if you’d prefer to skip dinner, there is an all access bar below the restaurant!

As for the restaurant itself, although pricy, it was extremely divine. We opted for a 2 course meal which came to a little over €65 altogether. The menu is set, but I can guarantee you will find a dish that suits. The restaurant slowly revolves around 360°, giving you a full scope of the city. The views are breathtaking! If you opt on visiting the TV tower during the day time, you may consider breakfast or lunch! I can safely say this site was my favourite, it was hard to beat it! It was a luxurious 203 metres in the air.

Food: What and Where to Eat

Berlin has some of the finest cuisine in Europe, down to their French Fries! If you’re like me and love experiencing new culture and cuisine, Berlin will offer you some of the best restaurants to get your hands on German food!

Some of the best German dishes are as follows:


This is a fast food dish in Germany, made up with fried sausages and a spiced ketchup with curry powder. It’s DIVINE. So divine that I got it more than once! I can’t wait to discover this recipe and make it at home. It’s usually served with seasoned fries!


This is very similar to Currywürst, except it’s kept in a breaded case, similar to a hot dog. The main ingredients in a Rostbratwürst are minced meat, garlic, salt, pepper and caraway. They’re usually made with Thuringian sausage. We got one at a local Christmas Market! It was delicious!

Pork Schnitzel

If you’re a meat eater, don’t leave Berlin without trying Pork Schnitzel! Pork in batter served with steamed vegetables and gravy. It’s like a home cooked dinner abroad! I fell in love with this dish and have already requested the chef of our house to whip up this dish soon!


Although Pretzels are common in many countries, there’s a certain speciality that comes with German baked pretzels! We over indulged on butter pretzels which were pretzels with butter inside! So simple yet divine. Grab yourself a coffee and pretzel before you grab your tour bus. It’ll keep your stomach at bay for a few hours!

Best places to eat:

Brauhaus Georgbræu (near Alexanderplatz)

Zur Gurichtslaube (near Alexanderplatz)

The TV Tower Restaurant

Balzac Coffee (for snacks)

Kaffee Karamel

If you are lucky enough to visit Berlin during Winter, make sure you visit a Christmas Market. They have some divine snacks and treats to choose from which you won’t want to miss out on! We visited a market by the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church, but during the winter months, there are usually lots of markets scattered across the city, all of which will stun you with their decor and divine cuisine! Most of the Markets discontinue on the 6th of January (Little Christmas!).

As you read this, I’m hopeful that you’re scoping the internet for cheap flights and a place to stay! The city is full of wonders and history and is well worth the visit.


Buses: If you’re flying into TXL, locate the TXL bus and take it into the city centre (all the way to Alexanderplatz)

Although the hop on hop off bus is quite handy, if you’re only up for seeing certain sites, you can take the 100, 147 and 200 bus. These are a little pricy and it works out more efficiently to get a 24 hour bus tour as it’ll ensure you get to see everywhere, in my opinion!

Do a pub crawl if you can in their party district! It’s meant to be a whirlwind.

Try their local craft beers! Alcohol is relatively cheap (please drink sensibly).

If you’re looking for a shopping and dining district, Alexanderplatz is great for a bit of both!

Most importantly, enjoy every second!