2019: End Goals

I think I’m a little late to the party.. but as it’s the new year, I’ve piled up a list of various things I would like to start doing in 2019. 2018 was a whirlwind, so much happened, and yet, the year flew by! Every year I write a list of things I wish to do within the year. I usually keep them private or amongst my close friends, because who wants to fail at their New Years resolutions and have the world witness them fail?! That is why I’ve decided to write out my resolutions here, some which are totally doable, some which are mere hopes and desires for the year ahead. We set ourselves New Years resolutions as a promise to ourselves to improve at things we feel we aren’t good at. I’m a firm believer that there’s no time like the present, but having over indulged over the Christmas and spent every cent I have abroad, there really is no time like the present, and I have put off changing my regime for way too long!

Health and Fitness

I’m no fitness guru, but I do love getting active and it’s something I have a tendency of starting but never meet my end goal. This year I have promised myself to work hard on achieving a body that makes me comfortable. I don’t aspire to look like a model or have the physique of a fitness queen. I wish to be fully comfortable in my own skin. I can’t say I’m uncomfortable, but I can definitely recognise a saggy bottom when I see one!! I’d like to start eating healthier, as my diet is dangerous! I have an incredibly worrying love for Chocolate and Pastries, and I really wish to cut down. I do believe in balance, so I will not be eliminating these treats from my diet, but I will find a balance, and will really (try) to stop over eating!

Self Care

Something I really wish to improve on is self care. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I went out and got myself a manicure or looked after my skin with a good face mask! Self care is extremely important for the body and mind. My goal is to start looking after my skin, to feel confident without makeup, and to look after myself more. I don’t think I neglect my self care, but I can’t say I ever put it first, second or even third. This year, I really wish to find my glow and feel confident! I’m reading Jennifer Rock’s The Skin Nerd at the moment and her book has definitely inspired me to self care my skin and feel confident in my skin again!!

Listen to Podcasts

Plenty of people have been telling me to download Apple Podcasts and get listening to some of the best shows there are available! I’ve put it off for too long (my phone storage is horrific) but after clearing out old photo’s and video’s, I’ve finally downloaded Podcasts, and so far I LOVE IT. My favourite podcasts so far are; Molly’s Minutes, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, Serial and The Good Glow. If you guys have any recommendations, let me know!

Read More

As a child, I was massively interested in reading, but after the development of social media, I soon forgot about reading books and buying magazines. I am feeling a little old school and this year, I wish to ditch Facebook newsfeed for a trendy magazine! As I’ve said previously, I’m currently reading The Skin Nerd, and I have a list of books ready to go after I finish it!


Everyone’s dream is to travel, right?! And I’ve started off the year wonderfully by travelling to Germany. I wish to continue seeing the world, piece by piece, as often as I can. I’ve a list of all the places I desire to see within the next year. So, where to?! I’m heading to London in the coming months, but some other places I’m dreaming of are; Bath, Vienna, Rome, Salzburg & Budapest. Next year I wish to finish my European travels and see Canada and/or The US, so travel expenses are definitely tight this year, as I really am saving for something wilder!


Speaking of saving, this is certainly something I really need to do this year! I’m a big spender, a lover of fashion & food, so saving is nearly impossible sometimes! I’m putting my foot down though as I am very eager to travel more and save for long term expenses. Setting aside a budget for yourself is really important, & an annual budget can almost always guarantee a cut back in irrelevant expenses!

Improve my Culinary Skills

Something I love doing is baking and cooking. I grew up in a household where food tasted like something out of a snazzy restaurant, thanks to my Mum’s immense skills! She was lucky enough to go to Ballymaloe as a young girl, where she was equipped with the skills to cook up a beautiful Winters’ stew, or a designer apple pie. She has passed her love for food on to me, and thus, I wish to utilise my abilities and improve them this year! I don’t get into the kitchen enough, but I’d like to improve both my baking and cooking skills. Goal: Prepare Christmas Dinner next year!!

Blog more!!

Last but certainly not least, blog more! I worked to a credible extent last year to improve my blog, while studying in University, but as that is out of the way, I wish to improve my content. After purchasing a really good camera, I want to put my love for photography to good use, and perhaps when I’m ready, I’ll start to vlog too! Time will tell. Watch this space! I really do love writing and taking photos. I’ve been a massive storyteller since I can remember. Blogging only puts my love of writing to good use in a truly fun way. I’m setting myself a goal to improve for no one else other than myself.

2019, this is my year.