Recipe: Eggs Benedict

Are you a fan of eggs?! Better yet, are you a fan of Eggs Benedict?! This creamy brunch dish is my go to meal when I’m out and about. I recently decided to research the core ingredients which combine to make Eggs Benedict, including the infamous Hollandaise sauce, which originates in Holland. I spent a week trying to emulsify the main ingredients to create hollandaise sauce, and after a week of disastrous efforts, I finally created a sauce worth tasting. I was feeling a little creative and have combined some of my own ingredients to give you a recipe worth making!

You Will Need:

4 Eggs (2x Poached, 2x Egg Yolks)

1 sliced English Muffin

1 tsp of White Wine

115g of Unsalted Butter

A Pinch of Salt

1 tsp of Lemon Juice

Tomato Relish

Pesto Sauce


Bacon, Avocado & Sausage are optional

A dot of Mustard (a quarter of a teaspoon)

2x Pots

One Clear Bowl

A whisk

A teaspoon

A tablespoon

How To: Poached Eggs

Poached eggs can be extremely difficult to master, especially if you do not have the right materials to prepare them. A lot of people believe that throwing two raw eggs into boiling water is the best way to make beautifully equipped poachies. I beg to differ. I often use paper bags (specifically designed for poaching eggs) which can be bought in any kitchen and home store.

Crack 2 eggs into your reusable pockets, and pop them into your pot of boiling water, letting them simmer slowly. Avoid putting your eggs on a high heat, or you will over cook them, leaving yourself with 2 hard boiled eggs. Leave these for roughly 3 minutes on a low heat, until you begin to see them harden. Once your egg white has started to evolve, let your eggs boil on a high heat for one minute.

Hollandaise Sauce

While your poachies are simmering, make up your hollandaise ingredients. Weigh your butter on a scales and add it to a clear bowl. Mix your butter over boiling water on a pot until it has melted. When this is done, add 2 egg yolks to the melted butter and begin to whisk them. You can then swiftly add your mustard, wine and lemon ingredients, which a touch of sea salt. Gradually mix your ingredients over the pot, whisking the sauce until it thickens. Once the sauce looks relatively mayonnaise- like, remove it from the boiling water. If you allow your sauce to overheat, the butter will re-melt, and the egg yolks will begin to scramble.

Eggs Benedict

Toast your English muffins on a low heat. After allowing them to cool, cream some tomato relish over them, with the addition of pesto sauce (if you like). Using a tablespoon, place your poached eggs on top of each muffin, then pouring your hollandaise sauce over the eggs and muffins. Crush a handful of walnuts (Sunflower seeds are also delicious) and then sprinkle it over the dish, with the addition of pepper if you’re feeling daring!

To make your meal extra appealing, add crushed avocado as a side, or consider streaky bacon or sausages. This gives the meal extra flavour. If you are a vegetarian, try adding a couple of salted crunchy potato cubes to give the meal that extra oompfh. Whatever you do, you must try this Eggs Benedict with sprinkled walnuts, with the addition of mustard to your hollandaise sauce. It brings out the flavours, intensifying the beauty of both the sauce and delicious eggs.

Bon Appetite.