Top Restaurants to Eat in This Valentines Day

With Valentines Day just seconds around the corner, plenty of couples and friends are on the look out for romantic places to dine in. Similarly, I’ve been trying to rack up a plan. Booking a venue is not always easy, so if you’re planning to eat out, I’d advise jumping on the bandwagon quickly! If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a huge fan of the cuisine in this city, so without further ado, here are some of my favourite romantic spots to dine out in this Valentines!

1. Tribeton

I may be a little biased here, but after dining in Tribeton last Valentine’s Day, I can safely say I may return again. Their service was remarkable last year, and having never eaten there before, I was blown away by their cuisine. I particularly loved the interior which had been finely decorated to set the mood, with a beautiful singer performing softly in the background. They served us a 3 course meal, cocktails included, for €35 a piece, saving us lots of money. Keep an eye out for future deals this Valentines, I can promise you that you’ll love every second!

2. Martines

A luxurious spot to dine in on Quay Street is the beautiful Martines. I particularly favour this venue as it’s small, low key and rather private. Having been on a date to this restaurant, I can confirm that it’s perfect for the couple looking for a quiet dine. The food is stunning, with a ray of steak dishes and beautiful desserts. If you’re looking for somewhere to dish out the big coins for a beautiful dinner, Martines is the place for you. Attempt to request the little window seat on arrival, which overlooks the passerbyers bustling through the town.

3. Seven

Seven is the perfect place to eat if you’re looking for a lively night out with your partner, with a little room for privacy. Seven have the sweetest set up, including private booths for you and your partner to get cosy in. There’s often fantastic entertainment in Seven, so you and your partner will have little to no excuse to bop up and have a dance! Their food is always rather remarkable, with a menu that ranges from Fish and Chips to Chicken Curry. There’s something for everyone, including an All Day Breakfast, which I’d gladly take at any hour of the day! If Seven is a little too busy or have little to no bookings left, consider visiting their sister, The Cellar, which are equipped with both live entertainment and similar menu’s. They’re only a five minute walk away from one another!

4. Caprice

I’ve always been a massive fan of Caprice. Their interior alone is eye catching. If you’re looking for somewhere that stands out for both it’s interior and food, Caprice is ideally the best spot for a bit of both. With Valentine’s Day coming up, alike many other places, Caprice have a beautiful two course meal up to grabs for just €20 each! Dessert isn’t included, but can be bought for an extra €5/7. I think this deal is remarkably cheap and fantastic value for money!

5. Cooke’s

I have not yet tried Cooke’s, but the exterior screams romantic, so it’s certainly on my list this year! This restaurant is supposedly known for its beautiful steak dishes and craft wines. That being said, this spot is extremely small, so booking in advance is an absolute must. If you’ve already been, feel free to let me know your thoughts as I’d love to catch dinner here soon.

6. Venice

I’ve been on a couple of dates to Venice, and I have never been disappointed! Their dishes range from Pizza to Pasta dishes. The location is very small and intimate, which suits ideally for Valentines Day. If you’re the kind of people who enjoy a little Italian, I’d definitely recommend eating here. Consider booking in advance to avoid being close to the door, as it’s prone to being a little bit chilly!

7. Milanos

Another Italian.. yes. I love Italian cuisines and I cannot seem to get enough of Milanos. Milano’s usually take bookings, due to the high demand. Most dishes range between €10-15, and are considerably large, so you are truly getting your moneys worth. Consider sharing a platter of dough balls to begin, they’re amazing!

8. Hyde

If you’re looking for somewhere a little bustly this year, another fantastic spot is Hyde Bar. If you and your partner are looking for somewhere with both delicious food and drink, Hyde provides both. They hold some of the nicest cocktails and Gin. The staff are usually extremely helpful and will cater to suit your needs if you have any dietary requirements!

I hope you enjoy the celebrations this year wherever you go. ❤️

Cocktails in Tribeton