A Healthy Hair Routine: Tips

I have extremely thin, fine hair, so trying to look after my hair is a struggle (especially when I continue to highlight my hair). I used to have relatively thick hair as a child, but I do believe that I did damage to my hair by layering and thinning it over the years. I was then introduced to dye and bleach, which certainly set off a disaster. My hair has struggled to grow since I was about 19, after I cut it spontaneously. It took 4 years to grow from a short bob length to my shoulders. I knew for years that this was an issue. I feared every single hairdresser appointment, as I wanted to let it grow out, no matter how fine the ends were. I was soon introduced to a healthy hair regime which I live by to this day. It’s relatively simple, but it may help those who struggle with fine or broken hair, just like me!

Go To The Hairdressers

Something I lack, is visiting the hairdresser regularly. When I initially cut my hair at the age of 19, I dodged another haircut until I was 21. I feared being told that I needed a big cut rather than a small trim. I was afraid that my hair would never grow again. I used hair extensions which are bonded into your own hair (which definitely destroyed my roots to an extent- always make sure you’re going to a trained professional!). I eventually found a hairdresser who suited me, and I’ve been going to her since. She urged me to visit regularly, and always promised to only take a few inches off my hair. I certainly give her credit for giving me the confidence to visit more frequently. Dying my hair meant my hair was at continuous risk, so now I use safer dye, which isn’t as destructive, and I won’t get a full head of highlights until there’s a prominent shade difference. You needn’t constantly overdo dying your hair as it dries it out and destroys the ends of your hair. Do not be afraid to get your hair trimmed every 3-6 months as it will keep your hair looking lively and healthy.

Stop Washing it Daily

I’m a massive daily hair washer. I hate leaving my hair untouched, as I have oily hair and am prone to having greasy hair every day. That being said, greasy hair isn’t a bad thing, even if it freaks you out. Oily hair promotes hair growth. If you hate having oily hair like me, consider tying your hair up or plaiting it (less evident) when you’re having an unwashed hair day. As I have extremely thin roots, my greasy roots are always very visible, preventing me to leave it untouched. As I wash my hair daily, a phenomenal product I use is Argon Oil. This substitutes nasty grease with a freshly scented oil. I usually leave it on for hours, giving my hair and roots strength. Try leaving oil on overnight, placing a towel underneath you, as to not stain your pillow case.

Use Smart Shampoo

If you’re picking up the cheapest shampoo in store, you’re probably not receiving great benefits. I love a good bargain, but only in recent times have noticed the colossal difference between cheap and expensive brands. Ask your hairdresser for hair product advice, as they are usually confident in their brands. At every hairdresser visit, my hair stylist dresses my hair in a hair mask for 20 minutes to give natural moisture to my dyed roots. These products don’t usually come cheap, but are worth every cent. Some shampoos and conditioners I find implemented the growth in my hair are as follows:

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo

MOROCCAN OIL- For moisture repair

L’Oreal Elvive (repair) – both shampoo and conditioner are phenomenal & leave a beautiful scent!

Kerastase Masquintense Conditioner

Mane n’ Tail Shampoo and Conditioner

Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

.. and some more natural overnight products are as follows:

Moroccan Oil

Keratin based mask

Coconut Oil

Aragon Oil

Drying Your Hair

Hands up if you have dry ends?! 90% of the time this is caused by heat against your hair. I have a poor habit of using my hairdryer on the highest temperature, as I’m eager to get my hair dry! This is actually extremely problematic and can not only dry out your hair, but also burn it. Most hairdryers come with a cap, which keeps the heat off the tips of your hair. Make sure to make use of this cap, as I repetitively destroyed my ends while drying my hair. My Mom would always complain about the burning smell coming from my room.. it was my hair!

Straighteners and Curlers

Speaking of hair protection, using hair straighteners and curlers can cause just as much, if not more damage, than a hairdryer. Use protective sprays against your hair to avoid breaking the ends of your hair. I use two various products on my hair daily before drying my hair, and before straightening or curling. I recommend both Aussie Hair Protector, and Easilocks Hair protection spray, both cost efficient and can be bought nationwide.

Change Your Diet

Just like every organ in your body, your hair needs protection. Eating good foods will implement healthier hair, and boost the growth. I have a terrible diet, but as I have a huge desire to grow both my nails and hair, I’ve started to eat some impacting nutrients which have impacted the stealthy growth in my hair. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C and D all improve the growth in our hair and nails. I also advise eating more protein and iron to strengthen your roots. All of these vitamins can be found in both fruit, vegetables and red meats. A good source of protein is eggs, which funnily enough can be treated in your hair too, and be substituted for a hair mask! Kind of gross though!

I hope that these tips are of value for those who have damaged or slow growing hair like me. I can promise you that I’ve seen a massive difference in the growth of my hair within months. I’ve transformed from the girl who spent endless amount of money on hair extensions, to the girl who is confident to get a short hair cut, as I’m certain my hair will grow quickly!