Galentines Day: Things To Do!

Valentines Day doesn’t always have to be associated with falling in love and romantic gestures. Some people are perfectly content celebrating alone, or celebrating with friends and family. I personally love celebrating with everyone, but I enjoy spending the day with friends in particular. A lot of us are in relationships, so planning a day to celebrate is usually a little tricky, and doesn’t always fall on Valentines Day itself. Celebrating with friends is unique in itself, and I think everyone should designate a day to spend with them! (Any excuse to go for a cocktail!).

I’ve decided to list some of my favourite things to do to celebrate with your friends! I hope these inspire some of you to go out and celebrate Galentines in style.

Cocktail Making

Something I’ve always wanted to do (despite not being a massive drinker), is to learn how to make cocktails. Research cocktail bars in your nearest area and make enquiries on cocktail making classes. If you’re struggling to find somewhere in your local area, consider bringing the cocktail making to you! Google some of your favourite cocktails, each purchasing an ingredient! Whip up some of your favourite drinks (with extra vodka obviously), and sit in drinking and eating!

Eating In: Make Food Platters

I love nothing more than sitting in, picking at different dishes! Consider hosting a night in with your friends, purchasing various food platters such as sliders, mini pizza’s and fries, along with a few chocolatey treats! Make up a chocolate fondue with optional treats such as berries and marshmallows. Consider hashing out a cheese board and wine if you’re feeling a little fancy!

Play Games

It’s a little childish and very old school, but consider playing games such as Never Have I Ever and How Well Do You Know Me. Whether or not you’re 15 or 50, I can guarantee you will have the best laugh! Pull out board games such as Monopoly, and watch as friend feuds unravel. A pack of cards always comes in handy in a crowd too (unless you’re as competitive as me).

Bake Day

Invite your friends over on the condition that each person brings a bag of ingredients. Spend the day in the kitchen baking some of your favourite goods. Get your hands on red velvet and bake yourselves a valentines cake, alongside chocolate brownies. Baking never goes accordingly when doing it with friends. But that’s what makes it more exciting! Don’t be afraid to get your hands messy.

Binge On Netflix

Take Netflix extremely seriously and spend a day binging some of your favourite Rom Coms! Some of my favourite films are listed below, if you need some inspiration! As I wrote my list, I realised how big the romantic movie obsession is! Who doesn’t love a good classic?! My list can be seen below.

My Best Friends Wedding

Notting Hill

Music & Lyrics

Pretty Woman

When Harry Met Sally

Four Weddings & A Funeral


Life As We Know It

A Star Is Born

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Day’s

Bridget Jones’ Diary


The Proposal

50 First Dates

Sweet Home Alabama

He’s Just Not That Into You


Along Came Polly

What Happens In Vegas

Just Married

Made Of Honor

License To Wed

500 Days Of Summer

Must Love Dogs

No Strings Attached

Friends With Benefits

A Walk To Remember

Sleepless In Seattle

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Pride And Prejudice

She’s All That

The Notebook

Jewellery Making

This may not be accessible in every city and town, but jewellery making is extremely fun. I recently was given the opportunity to carve and design my own ring, made out of wax. This treat included brunch and Prosecco, making the experience that little more special. If you’re looking to get crafty with some of your best girls, look into making crafts. Try pottery classes or card making classes if you cannot get hold of a jewel designing one! I will link the class which I attended below!

Carve Workshop

Whatever you decide to do this Valentines Day, let it be the best damn day you’ve had. Get stuck into some chocolate and ice cream and kick your feet back! ❤️