7 Coffee Spots in Galway You Need To Visit

As I write this blog post, I am seated in a beautiful café, drinking a unique tasting peppermint tea. I feel rather inspired and have decided to tell you about some of the nicest places to grab a coffee in Galway City. I’m more of a tea drinker, but I enjoy a coffee every now and then. Coffee aesthetic is important. Both the taste and interior will always determine my return. Below, you will find some of the most aesthetically pleasing places to grab a coffee in Galway.

Coffeewerk & Press

Coffeewerk + Press is located on Quay Street. This location is not only popular for it’s divine coffee, but for its beautiful interior. This coffee roasting store is three storeys high, known for its published artwork which is mounted all over the walls. If you’re looking for somewhere to read, write or relax with friends, pop up here for a comforting brew.

Little Lane Coffee Company

I thoroughly enjoy the company in Little Lane. The staff alone are extremely friendly, which in itself is an important factor when choosing a place to go to! This dainty spot is located on Abbeygate street. Not only do they serve a creamy based coffee that you’ll die for, but they also serve unique flavoured teas for those who enjoy herbal drinks. It’s cosy and comfortable, suited for couples or those who may wish to sit in their own comfort and relax.

Grind Coffee and Food Hub

Grind is located on Merchants Road, away from the bustling city centre. This location is both aesthetic to the eye and the stomach. If you’re looking for a delicious brunch alongside a decorative coffee, Grind is the spot for you. They serve coffees to suit your nature, decorated artistically. They’re very Instagram- worthy!


This renowned restaurant and supermarket has been around for years. In more recent times, the establishment designed their own coffee hub, located inside the store which is situated in the city centre on Shopstreet. Their coffees are a little expensive, but extremely worthwhile. Sit outside and watch passerbyers while sipping on a creamy latte.

Café Nero

Café Nero is a global coffee company, located in most large cities. The Galway franchise is located in Eyre Square, serving delicious tasting coffees and teas of all kinds. This establishment remains open until half 9 at night, so is well suited to those who wish to have a late night brew. The staff are usually extremely friendly too. This café offers incentives such as free coffees and relative discounts after numerous purchases.

Urban Grind

Urban Grind is located a little bit outside the city centre, but I can promise you it is worth the walk. Situated on Williams Street, Urban Grind is renowned for its beautiful coffee sorts. They serve unique coffee blends alongside deliciously tasting sandwiches and pastries. I cannot recommend their chocolate brownies enough! The staff are very accommodating and courteous, always up for a chat. There’s nothing better!

Gourmet Tart & Co.

Last but not least, is The Gourmet Tart Company. This café is located in numerous vicinities around Galway city including Abbeygate Street, Eglinton Street and The Claddagh. Their coffee is rich in flavour, and considerably quick to make. Grab a coffee to go alongside a Pan Au Chocolat for a quick breakfast. Their pastries are quite the treat for those with a sweet tooth!

There you have it. Some of the best spots for a coffee in Galway City. I hope you enjoy each of my recommendations and give at least one of them a try! Whether you buy a tea, coffee or hot chocolate, consider one of these locations next time you can’t decide where to go!