Pancake Ingredients: Gentle On The Tummy

Pancake Tuesday is a week away, so I’ve started to round up a couple of ideas to make this one a Tuesday to remember! Perhaps I’m the only one who has this much of an interest in Pancake Tuesday, but if I am, so be it! I love nothing more than hosting parties and events, so have decided this year to host Pancake Tuesday with both family and friends. I’m going to lend to you some of my tips when hosting a pancake filled evening! When hosting a food event, consider a variety of things such as allergies and preferences. If you have a guest who is intolerant to wheat or eggs, you may need to consider making a batch of pancakes with different ingredients.

Egg- Free Pancakes: Tips

Replace your eggs with an egg replacer, for example Orgran No Egg. Egg replacers can be bought in most supermarkets and health stores!

Milk Free Pancakes: Tips

Liquid is a necessity when making pancake batter, so if you’re looking to make dairy free pancakes, consider alternatives such as soya milk, almond milk or coconut milk. Experiment with various dairy free milks and decide which one blends well with the batter mixture!

Wheat Free Pancakes: Tips

Bulk is usually needed to create the perfect texturised batter, so you will need some kind of base to create the perfect pancakes! If you or a friend are allergic to wheat, try using self raising flour, buckwheat flour, or, oddly enough, mashed potato. If you are cooking for a party who are entirely gluten intolerant, you can purchase gluten free plain flour in plenty of supermarkets and health stores (Doves Farm).

Milk, Wheat & Egg Free Pancakes: Tips

Unfortunately, some people are intolerant to all ingredients. If you are hosting for various people with one or all three allergies, perhaps you should make pancakes without these three ingredients. Believe me, it’s feasible! Using the ingredients above, such as egg free product, gluten free plain flour, and dairy free milk, you can make some tummy friendly pancakes! As someone who suffers from tummy troubles, I may wind down the dairy and egg free route this year! I can guarantee that you don’t and won’t notice the difference in taste or texture!

I have listed measurements and ingredients below, to suit your preference (depending on how many you are serving for!)


Orgran (Egg Free) / 1 whole egg equivalent: mixed with 2 tbsp of water

125g of Gluten Free plain flour

Coconut/Almond Milk (of your preference) 250ml

Oil: Consider sunflower or olive oil (avoid butter!) – this is for frying

Extra condiments for serving, such as sugar, lemon juice, fruit and syrups!

1 large pan

1 large ladle

A large bowl (for the mixture)

A whisk


I hope you have a pain free Pancake Tuesday (for those who suffer!) Even if you don’t, you’ll notice a vast difference in bloating and sore tummies after an over indulgence of crepes and pancakes! Enjoy.