Pancake Tuesday: Where To Eat

Pancake Tuesday is just a day away, and with that in mind, I’ve decided to round up some of my favourite places to grab a pancake or two tomorrow! I’m super psyched for the day that’s in it, I could eat pancakes all day every day! The list is below.

1. Harry’s Bar

I only recently tried the pancakes in Harry’s, and they’re absolutely stunning! They’ve got such a unique menu, from twix pancakes to eaton mess! I tried each of these recently and I can promise you they are divine! They have some lovely pancake specials up for grabs tomorrow so be sure to pop in!

2. Java’s Creperie

Java’s is one of my favourite go- to spots (I’m surprised they don’t know me by name at this stage).. they serve both sweet and savoury crepes, you’re guaranteed to find pancakes to suit your desire! Java’s is small and intimate, suited for those who might decide to go on a pancake date tomorrow night!

3. Mr Waffle

Mr Waffle is located beside Newcastle road, and serve pancakes to suit all. Serving both waffles and crepes, Mr Waffle has the most delicious menu. I visited Mr Waffle last year on Pancake Tuesday, and the place was bopping! If you’re looking to have some afternoon crepes and coffee, be sure to get in early because I can promise you it will be busy!

4. Gino’s

Gino’s Ice Cream is situated on Shopstreet, very central to everything in Galway. Although there is no sit down service, their pancakes are freshly made within moments and ready to go. They serve some delightfully crisp crepes of all tastes and flavours! If you’re looking to grab and go, Gino’s is the one for you!

5. Mocha Beans

Mocha Beans, located on Newcastle Road, sell two beautifully tasting pancakes, which are offered daily on their brunch menu. I can not recommend these pancakes more, ranging from maple syrup and bacon pancakes to berry and vanilla compote, both of these pancakes will tickle your tastebuds.

6. Pascals Coffee

Pascals is one of my favourite spots to grab pancakes. Not only do they sell beautifully tasting pancakes, but they serve them in American Style, so these pancakes are both creamy and crisp. For what you receive on your plate, it’s promised value for money! I always struggle to finish them.

I hope wherever you spend your Pancake Tuesday, you enjoy each second of it and lap up every bit! I cannot wait! I’m hosting Pancake Tuesday this year in my home, so let’s pray all goes smoothly!!