World Autism Awareness Day: Spreading The Word

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day, a very important day for so many people. I do not know anyone personally who is on the spectrum, but happen to know a whole bunch of facts about Autism, the importance behind today, and how to spread awareness.

First things first, let’s clear things up. A kid with autism is not defined as an autistic kid, they have autism, but they are human. We shouldn’t define somebody because of what they may or may not have. Secondly, I’d like to remind everyone that although I do not know anyone personally who suffers from autism, I’ve been given bare facts from both people who have friends with autism, so my database isn’t some googled search!

Now, time to spread awareness. ❤️


1 in 3 children born with Autism are born with the inability to speak, as some forms of Autism are higher on the spectrum than others. Generally, children who are verbally impaired will learn how to use sign language.

Another fact I learned, and didn’t know beforehand was, autism leaves children and young adults extremely vulnerable. They may not understand how to stay safe, be it crossing a road to getting to school safely alone.

Those who struggle with Autism have the nature to throw tantrums in distress. Self injuring is really common, which is why in a lot of cases, those living with autism need extra love and support.

I often read “that poor child is suffering from Autism” like they are living with anguish and on going pain, but in fact, a lot of the time they can be extremely happy. I read from place to place that a lot of children grow to love certain things, and carry knowledge and facts about things we thought we knew about! If you follow Amy Schumer, she spoke about her husband (who is in the spectrum’s) love for the ocean. His knowledge of the blue sea is greater than anyone else’s!

Living with Autism isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but in more cases than not, their IQ is greater than the average person. Something we all should be so jealous of! Also, did you know that those with Autism have absolutely no filter?! They will say exactly what’s on their mind. This trait is extremely beautiful, something that each human should carry.

Autism Awareness Day has been brought to our nation to acknowledge this disorder, so that we can both acknowledge that everyone is different, and to commend those living with autism, or perhaps someone caring for a child with this disability.

So many people have little to no knowledge on Autism, the joys it may bring, or even the struggles which it can create. All in all, it’s a blessing in disguise. We’re born to stand out after all. I hope my message carries to those who may have had little understanding of Autism. I hope that it spreads a positive message to those willing to learn, to those involved in supporting it and to those who simply want a voice to be heard. Be mindful of every single one of your peers, you do not know who may be struggling. Bullying is all too common when young people show little understanding in various in classroom disabilities such as Autism. They simply cannot rack their brains around why others stand out. Well, standing out is a beautiful thing if you ask me. We all should do it more often.

Happy World Autism Awareness Day. I hope that my message lets you see the phenomena behind this spectrum, and the beauty behind being different. ❤️

“All of the characteristics that make it clear that he’s on the spectrum are all of the reasons I fell madly in love with him” – Amy Schumer