Spring Favorites

Over the past few months, I’ve notably been using the same products over and over, and watching the same shows and enjoying the same clothes. I’ve certainly gained a love for some bits and pieces in particular, to which I’ve decided to share with you. From makeup to Netflix, here is a list of some of my Spring faves!

Spotlight Teeth Whitening Pen

After having a bad dose of wisdom tooth infections, I was referred to using corsodyl mouth wash which actually stains your teeth. I frantically tried every single type of toothpaste but nothing was working. I then tried Spotlights teeth whitening pen. I was a little bit anxious at first, but I do believe that as a local brand and owned by two dentists, it must be safe. I have to say I love it. I’m a massive tea drinker so my teeth are regularly stained. This pen removes all stains in just 5 minutes, giving me the ultimate confidence. I highly recommend.

Maybelleine Super Stay 24 Hour Coverage Foundation

I spoke recently on Instagram about the struggles of finding a foundation that a) sits well on oily skin and b) the right tone for olive skin. After months of buying and testing, I finally landed my hands on this bad boy and I honestly love it. Not only is it perfect for my skin but it sits nearly matte like on my skin, and isn’t too heavy. Unlike a lot of foundations where you need layers for coverage, I only use one fine layer of this foundation on my skin followed by my concealer & powder, and it lasts me the day. Now I can’t say it does last 24 hours, as someone with a very oily t-zone I do notice the difference come the evening, but it lasts me long enough to get through an 8 hour day and that’s all I want! There’s also multiple shades for multiple skin types for anyone looking for something within their reach. This foundation is also very cost efficient which is a major bonus!

Rimmel London, Super Curler

If you’ve got really short eyelashes, I will say, this does not do much, but if you’re lucky and have super long lashes, this gives the perfect curl for those looking for an eyelash pop. I’ve got long enough lashes, so I’ve found this mascara very useful. It’s ideal for those who want an extra curl after using a portable curler, or for those looking for that extra cat eye look. I’ve been using it religiously and adore it. If you’re looking for eyelash maximiser looks, this does come in an eyelash thickener and lengthener. Overall, the mascara is budget friendly and appears to have a long lasting effect.

Mrs Hinch, Hinch Yourself Happy; The Book

If you’ve been following Mrs Hinch over the past ten months, you’ll be familiar with her newest book, Mrs Hinch, Hinch Yourself Happy. I picked this up on meeting her over April, and although I’m not a huge biography reader, meeting her definitely encouraged me to give her book a read. Not only does it share insightful cleaning tips, but it also takes a look at Sophie’s life, and what drew me in closer was her story of anxiety, which I found to be very relatable. The book is a very easy and casual read, you’ll find yourself halfway through in just an hour or two. Having said that, it’s still worth every cent.

Shoes: Air Force One’s

I picked up a pair of runners in Lifestyle Sport recently, a pair of Air Force One’s. I’m not a major sneaker fan, but I was looking for something that was trendy, appealing to the eye and all the same, good for your feet. I was recommended these beauties and I haven’t taken them off since purchases (except when it’s raining because I refuse to allow them to get ruined). Moral is, there to die for, go effortlessly with denim and are really comfortable!

Clearasil 5 in 1

I’ve already hyped on about this in my instagram stories, but for those who may have not seen, I’ve been absolutely loving the Clearasil 5 in 1 moisturiser. If you’re already a fan of clearasil, you’ll absolutely adore this! It’s easy to use, can be used on the go as a moisturiser, but has all applicants to prevent blemish growth and like all good spot creams, reduces redness rapidly. If you’re a chest or back acne sufferer, it can be used in these places too! I honestly haven’t stopped using it, even when my skin is perfect, as it keeps black heads at bay and prevents the increase of spot pores!

Netflix: The Crown

This isn’t quite a product, but it is something that I thoroughly enjoyed over the last month. The Crown is a tv series based on the lives of those ruling the British Throne. If you’re looking for something both witty yet educational, I can’t recommend this enough. I’m not a major fan of series’ based on real lives, but this one has captivated me like none other as it tells the story of Queen Elizabeth so effortlessly. You really do gain insight into their lives behind the scenes!