“What Does Anxiety Feel Like?”


Someone recently messaged me on Instagram and asked me a question I never thought to answer. A question which I never answer because I make the assumption that everyone knows the answer. I sent them to read my blog post because I felt that would give them the greatest answer, but after giving it some thought, I’ve never truly answered this on the straight and narrow.

They asked “What does anxiety feel like?”

It gave me some thought.

Anxiety is that feeling of uncontrollable panic.

It’s overthinking every possible scenario in your head.

It’s fearing lack of communication from others means they hate you.

It’s not being able to sleep at night because you paint illusions in your head.

It’s overthinking that the person you’re with doesn’t care.

It’s deluding yourself with thoughts that every passerbyer is giving you strange stares and looks.

It’s having every ounce of trust for people you love, but still fearing the worst.

It’s telling yourself that you’re not good enough.

It’s lacking confidence one day and carrying outstanding confidence the next.

It’s believing every rumor and story about you to be true, when you know it’s not.

It’s those horrific headaches you get after hyping yourself up over something small.

It’s that feeling you’re going to vomit, that illusion you’ve got a stomach bug.

It’s crying irrationally when no one is watching.

It’s the fear of crying in case someone judges you.

It’s feeling insecure and doubt over the smallest things.

These are just a handful of things driven by anxiety. And boy the overthinking is just a pain. But when you find the right people, those people will stand by your worries, your anguish. They’ll lie by your side and help you count sheep when you’re anxious. They’ll send you reminders that everything is okay. They’ll reassure you when you’re at your lowest.

So many people believe that anxiety is just a bout of worry, a clenching feeling in the chest. It’s hard to explain to those who don’t have it. It’s even harder to explain to those who witness it in action. Well, there’s a little synopsis of what it’s like for me. If anyone has any additions to that list, do get in touch. We’re all in this together after all. ✨