Wisdom Teeth: Sharing My Wisdom


Sorry, but isn’t my caption for this blog post just bang on?! I haven’t lost all wisdom yet. I recently had two wisdom teeth pulled, and after having them out, I’ve decided to write a blog about both my experience with wisdom teeth pain, helpful remedies, and how to fulfil a speedy recovery. This is honestly something I wish I had access to read pre op, so I hope this is worth while for those who are suffering this endurance, or for anyone looking for a little peace of mind.

I’ve suffered from wisdom tooth pain for almost a year, all starting with my bottom left tooth. I’m glad I left this tooth to struggle alone for a while, as this gave the upper tooth time to erupt. Come January, the pain began to deteriorate and by March I was visiting my local dentist for antibiotics, as I was totally unable to open my mouth to eat. DO NOT allow this progression. When you feel pain, get it checked.

Home Remedies

When I first began to suffer from wisdom pain, I hadn’t an iota on how to eliminate the pain. Panadol and nurofen just wasn’t enough! Family and friends advised me to try various different remedies.

– Clove Oil (numbs the pain)

– Corsodyl Mouth Wash (make sure you get the mouth wash which helps resolve pain and swelling- and do not take it before drinking caffeine as it will stain your teeth temporarily!)

– Ibuprofen is excellent for reducing swelling but be careful with the dosage and take advice from your doctor or dentist

– Salt and Luke Warm Water- honestly this has been my saviour! It eliminates bacteria and reduces swelling.

– Bonjella- I used this when my pain wasn’t too bad, as I found it to numb the swollen area!

If home remedies or light medication doesn’t seem to ease the pain, visit your dentist, as you may have an infection. Don’t let the pain get too extreme- as eating can become near to impossible- and most antibiotics need to be taken on a full tummy!

Post Operation/Surgery

After recently having my teeth extracted, I’ve learned that every experience is unique. Some people have all four wisdom teeth removed and are fine the next day. Some have 2 removed and are in agony for a week. I can safely say I am the latter. Do not take my advice as bible, as every individual experience will differ. I am here to share my experience and give insight, and rest assure those who may be worried, that it’s really not as bad as it seems!

Now I won’t lie, the pain I’ve endured in the last 48 hours isn’t exactly charming, but it’s nothing you cannot live with. If you’ve faced a tonsillectomy or if you’ve previously had an infection in your wisdom tooth, this will be a breeze!


– Take Bed Rest. Post operation, I was told to go back to sleep repetitively by nurses, and I ignored their request and returned home full of energy. It wasn’t until the anaesthetic wore off that I noticed a dire change in both my mood and energy levels. I constantly feel the need to keep moving. Big mistake! Listen to your body and take 3-5 days to recover.

– Follow All Medic Advice: Take your antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatories as requested by your doctors. I ignored the call for ibuprofen for the first 12 hours, thinking I was fully capable of handling the pain. This can actually just worsen the inflammation around your cheek area. Do not ignore the pain, sort it while you can!

– Eat carbs. I was extremely excited by an all sugar diet consisting of jelly and ice cream. Some prescribed antibiotics can be heavy on the tummy, so do not stuff your face with drastic sugars. You’ll burn out and feel worse off in the end. Try filling carbs such as potato mash, porridge, smoothies and soup. You’ll crash from the sugar intake, trust me!

– Salt & Water Trick. Before my operation, salt and water was the greatest cure for wisdom tooth anguish, and it’s been an even bigger saviour since having them extracted! Keep your mouth sterile at all times to avoid contracting infections.

– Use Cold Compressions: One thing I’m grateful for is the cold compressions I was gifted with before my operation, preparing me for what was to come. Compressions can be bought in any pharmacy or any local “bits and bobs” store (Tiger/Primark). If your face becomes a little swollen, use a cold compression on your cheek for 10 minutes every 2/3 hours to reduce the pain and swelling. Another handy tip is to suck on ice chips or if you’re feeling a bit better, try eating ice chips. They’ve helped speed up my recovery by a mile!

… And there you have it. I hope these tips help anyone facing a little bit of anguish when getting a tooth pulled, whether or not it’s a wisdom or not! I can safely say that I wish I had a blog or good read to put my mind at ease pre operation. No one likes going through this, but it’s a quick and easy process and you’ll be back on your feet eating carbs and treats before you know it. Oh how I’ve missed carbs. Going to stuff my face with a snack box once I’m healed! 🤤