Practical Books: My Top 5


We live in a new age where books are fond memories of the past, where google has taken over and kindles have become the paperless read. That being said, I do enjoy a good read, especially when it’s practical! Being so heavily consumed by technology distracts us from finishing a good book. We ask google for advice when we need it the most. Let’s turn back the clocks and reminisce on a good read with a practical book full of advice and wonders. I enjoy a juicy read or cookbook, one which teaches me what I do not already know. Below I have listed 5 of my most used practical books (which I continually turn back to!)

Half Hour Hero; Roz Purcell

This little book has become my go-to when cooking quick, readily available dishes. Roz’s recipes are quick and nutritious, which is exactly what I look for when I’m in a rush. This book gives you insight into the many dishes you can prepare under 30 minutes, which I can promise will suit lots of people. It’s extremely easy to fall down a rabbit hole and dive into the junk food cupboard when rushing to get from A to B, but this little recipe book has made my life guilt free and that little extra bit healthy! Recommendations; Notella Biscuits, Blueberry Breakfast Bars, Peanut Butter & Jan Sandwiches, Mini Oat Pizza’s.

The Career Book; Jane Downes

I was blessed with this beauty as a gift over a year ago when applying for jobs, looking for direction when studying my postgraduate degree. This book helped me re-adjust my CV and prepared me for further interviews. This book guides you through the practical process of designing a greater future for yourself, covering various topics such as transferable skills, job research, redundancy, cv, interviews and more. If you’re on the current job hunt, or are a little unsure about what direction to take, I can not recommend this book more. It’s one I still continue to go back to!

Cordially Invited; Zoe Sugg

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Zoe Sugg, in some shape or form. This biz whiz has taken the UK with a storm with her beauty range and fiction novels, but I was never quite intrigued until I received her day to day book; a guide to hosting occasions. I’ve always been mad into hosting birthday parties and events, thanks to my Mom, so Zoe’s newest book was like reading about my own life! This book is filled with inspiration for occasions, both big and small, for every time of the year imaginable. It’s honestly the perfect book to turn to if you’re hosting a surprise party or a Hallmark holiday occasion, ie Halloween, Christmas.

The Skin Nerd; Jennifer Rock

This little guide is the best purchase for those looking to protect ones’ skin and learn about the day to day measures we must take to maintain healthy looking skin. Not only is this book a fantastic educational piece, but it is jam packed with humor and wit, which makes it much easier to get through! This book is guaranteed to teach you a holistic approach to looking after your skin and give you the confidence to achieve the skin you desire. I bloody love it!

The Little Book Of Hygge; Meik Wiking

This book is simply; the danish way to live well. An amazing read for those looking to turn their life around and live positively! Denmark is said to be the happiest country in the world, and this little book marks every reason why. From the art of creating intimacy to creating cosiness in the soul, this book reaches into your heart and teaches you how to love your life. I personally enjoy the experience of this book for both the history of Hygge, such a fond importance to the Danish people, and for all of the great tips it provides!