London Adventure: Best Tourist Spots

Hello! I’ve recently returned from a lovely trip to The UK. On this adventure, I decided to visit some of the touristy spots to get a real feel for the culture and history of London. Having been to London before for a short stay, I was keen to utilise my time to not only enjoy down time, but to take in the beauty that was London City. As someone with great interest in the Royal Family, I took a shine to some of the well known touristy spots acquainted with the Royals. If you too are interested, keep on reading!

Where we stayed:

We stayed in Double Tree By The Hilton, located in Princes Regent, which is just 2 underground’s away from city centre (20 minutes!). I loved the aesthetic of this hotel, and truly appreciated the kind staff who catered to our needs at all costs. The one thing I’d be very weary of is extra costs (especially if you’re a student travelling on a budget). There are hidden costs and deposits which you’re required to pay upfront. We were also told that the water in our room was free (silver membership if you stay for 4+ nights), but on checking out, we were told we didn’t have a “Hilton” account so our needs weren’t looked after, meaning we’d to pay extra. Be careful of false advertising! I did appreciate a little treat which was gifted to us on arrival (a freshly baked cookie).. which I’m still dreaming about!

Tourist Spots:

Buckingham Palace

Although Buckingham Palace may be considered a tourist trap, I made the choice to visit this spot on the Queens National Jubilee in which she celebrates her birthday. It’s an extremely busy spot, so if you’re venturing to this side of the city, be prepared to come face to face with lots of tourists! Afterwards, enjoy a nice drink in the nearby park. Buckingham is a beautiful location on a sunny day!

Notting Hill

If you’re familiar with Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant’s debut in the hit film Notting Hill, you’ll definitely want a venture to this beautiful spot! This grand beauty is a lot bigger than I anticipated, a sight for anyone looking to get interior or garden inspiration. The infamous spot holds the most beautiful looking houses (so instagrammable). Their high street is filled with unique boutiques and antique stores, alongside the infamous Travel Book Shop as seen in Notting Hill. The location isn’t too far from Kensington!

Kensington Palace & Gardens

Kensington Palace is the official residence for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will & Kate), so I took a detour to this lovely spot after visiting Notting Hill. I think that all are within walking distance if the sun is shining! Kensington was a beautiful spot and not a far walk from Knightsbridge where you will find some elite stores and chains, including Harrods.

Knightsbridge & Harrods

I thoroughly enjoyed Knightsbridge, as it was acquaint with some of the most luxurious stores and restaurants. I stumbled into Harrods, which will make your jaw drop. From unique food stalls to the most beautiful boutiques, you’ll be mesmerised. This place gives Brown Thomas a run for their money!

Westminster Abbey

This was by FAR my favourite spot to visit. We took a stroll to Westminster (home to all of the royal weddings), and decided to tour inside (£20 with student ID). I was MESMERISED. If you’ve been lucky enough to see some of the royal weddings on television, get ready to relive some of the greatest moments such as Kate & Will’s wedding and the Queens coronation. The whole Abbey is filled with hidden tombs (some including Mary Queen Of Scots & Henry Vll), which I found to be extremely interesting. If you enjoy archeology and the beauty of history, I can not recommend this spot enough!

Downing Street

We visited Downing Street on Thursday the 6th Of June to mark The Prime Ministers second last day in the job. We thought it would be remarkably historic to visit the area while Mrs May was still in office. The area is beautiful (but gated off- so don’t expect to actually see number 10!), but I enjoyed the visit, and it’s right beside Westminster!

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf was an area I didn’t expect to explore, but am glad to have gotten lost in! This beautiful area is situated a little outside the city centre, but is beautiful! Take a look at all of the well known businesses, and spend your afternoon in Jubilee Shopping Centre. A must visit!


This was by far my favourite location. Located outside the city centre (closest to Heathrow airport), this magical spot is full of history, beauty and royal activity. Home to Prince Harry and Megan, this beautiful location is the perfect visitors spot on a Summers day. Explore the long walk (as seen on tv), & take a peak into Frogmore Estate where the royals live. Enjoy a sneaky drink overlooking the water on to Eton, and enjoy some of the unique independent cafes located around the area. Although outside the city centre (and a little difficult to commute to), it’s the ideal location for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet.

Go To A Show

Although I would’ve loved to have seen a show in The Royal Albert or on Westend, I was even LUCKIER to see a show in the O2 Arena. Im still pretty shook after the show I went to. We saw Hugh Jackman live, and I can safely say that it was the best show I’ve ever attended. Not only was his presence on stage gripping, but the man is filled with unimaginable talent which lit up the stage. He was kind enough to bring surprise guests on stage (Keala Seattle & Taron Egerton; Star Of Rocketman). I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to visualise Hugh’s life in 2 and a half hours! If you’re lucky enough to book a show, I can promise you’ll enjoy the experience immensely!

Other Places To Visit


Oxford Street


Places To Eat

The Breakfast Club (we ate in Canary Wharf but it’s widespread).

Bills (Bakers Street; again, widespread).

Urban Meadow (Kensington)

Browns Brasserie (Windsor)

Honest Burgers (Bank)

Pan-N-Ice (Selfridges, Oxford Street)

Doughnut Time (Bank)

Krispy Kreme’s (Paddington)

If you’re travelling to this bustling city, don’t fear the underground. As someone who was absolutely terrified, I can reassure your safety! It’s quick, and over before you know it! People will push, and people will shove, but you will become accustomed within hours of traveling!