Being 23: And Turning 24

Tomorrow I turn a grand age of 24, and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. You could say I’m treating it like a new year. There’s so much I wish to accomplish as a 24 year old. I do believe in the art of setting goals and following your passions to see what route they may take you on! When I initially turned 23, I was feeling extremely vulnerable. I was finishing my postgraduate degree, I had little to no inkling as to where my future lay. I was feeling desperately uncertain, which became more unclear as the months went by. My mental health wasn’t exactly sparkling, and friendships began to unwind and disperse. To be quite honest, being 23 brought a lot of changes into my life. But as I take on a new year, I have zero regrets.


My Year as a 23 Year Old & What It Taught Me

You won’t have it all figured out when you’re 23

You probably won’t have a secure job at 23, or at least a job that has respect for you

Life is all about having good days and bad days

It’s okay to feel doubtful, be that with friends, relationships or your passions

Trusting your instincts is okay. What your Mother said was a bad idea was probably a bad idea, and you should follow in her footsteps. They know best.

23 was definitely an ugly age at times, I had sincere moments of insecurity and doubt at times.

Friendships that aren’t meant to last, won’t. If people want you around, they’ll put in effort.

23 taught me to be open with my feelings, to tell people how it is, even if they don’t like what they hear.

This year, I learned that my family are above all. I’ve definitely gone past that “I’m 20 I can do what I like”, stage of my life, where I can safely say I treasure my parents with all of my heart.

23 taught me that it’s time to start saving for a mortgage, Thanks Gran.

This year taught me all about finance, a potential future recession and the inclination of disaster as Brexit emerges. Thanks Sky News.

I can safely say I’ve turned to politics and newspapers faster than ever this year, and I’m usually more of a Vogue reader.

23 taught me how to prepare for the next 5 years without panicking.

Since turning 23, I’ve definitely matured more so than ever. Finishing college taught me how to be myself, and not to worry about going out and drinking to impress people. I’ve become more independent. I’m beginning to figure myself out. Academics can slow down your desire to learn about yourself, as you become so distracted by getting good grades and working hard.

This year was great for confidence building as I took on a new role as a photographer. I’ve always had an eye for photography, but I never imagined myself stepping out as a freelancer, getting paid for something I enjoy.

This year gave me an opportunity to talk about important things on my blog, including mental health and disability awareness. Something that we don’t talk about enough.

Someone once told me that 23 is the ugliest age you’ll ever face. I believed it and carried a negative attitude throughout. Looking back in hindsight, I’ve had a whopper of a year. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and started working for myself. I’ve taken on a role I enjoy, and I’m so excited for the journey ahead. For anyone starting college, for anyone walking into their leaving cert. Enjoy your youth while you can. Life gets tricky and being 23 taught me that. Watch this space 24, I’m coming for you. 🎂