Social Media Marketing: Career Opportunities

Having been inspired by recent LinkedIn posts, I’ve decided to write this blog post in hope to inspire anyone that may wish to delve into the world of social media and content creation. Content creating as a hobby is one thing, but making a living off it is another. Whether you’re looking to expand your own personal brand or perhaps work in a digital agency, I’ve adapted a guideline on the perks and joys of working in social media, for anyone who can see themselves pursuing this as a career! But firstly, here’s a little bit of background on how I got to where I am today.

I’ve always had a great fondness for social media, and have always considered myself rather creative. I’d great interest in videography and photography at the ridiculous age of ten years old, and was lucky enough to be gifted cameras and video cameras which inspired creativity at such a young age. With the adaptation of social media in 2010, I always had a familiar love for it. From writing online to photo editing, I knew at such a young age that it was a passion I could somehow pursue.

I studied Arts with English and Sociology & Politics in University, followed by my postgraduate Degree, in which I studied Business Studies. I took a particular liking to special modules such as Brand Management, Buyer Behaviour and Global Marketing. After months of studying, I took the initiative to apply to job roles in Digital Marketing Agencies. A lot of companies will require you to have a Digital Marketing or Communications Masters Degree, but with my keen intrigue, I was taken on rapidly by the first company I spoke with.

I’d been lucky enough to get experience in previous brand ambassador roles which I took on throughout college, which definitely worked out in my favour. If you’re interested in something, look into interning roles while you’re young and studying. Whether you get one week’s experience or one year, the essential practice of being in this environment will work to your advantage.

When applying for marketing job roles, I’d been working on my own content creation on my private Instagram page. I had set up a blog a year prior to this, which definitely benefited me walking into any job which would require website and graphic design. I landed a role in photography in a local digital agency, and within a couple of weeks, began to work as their content creator, to then be promoted to Head Of Media as time went on.

What To Expect:

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation, similar to writing for a newspaper or capturing content for a magazine, is extremely thorough. Deadlines deadlines deadlines. As online marketing is continuously changing, so is your creative content. Whether you’re writing online articles or promoting dinner menus for clients online, continuous progression is required on a weekly if not daily basis.

I personally loved the intensity of writing articles, and found it somewhat rewarding watching my online insights and engagement levels increase via Facebook and Instagram. If you work well under pressure, this job is definitely one well suited to you. If you do not work well under pressure, but find yourself veering towards a career in marketing or design, I still recommend this role for you. Time is of the essence, and with good practice and plenty of organising, workload management becomes somewhat easier. One thing I’ve learned from working in a digital agency is to plan ahead, always! Using online databases such as google calendar set me up for months in advance.

One thing I can promise you in this kind of role is that it’s extremely fun and rewarding. Each day is different, as is your online content.

Photography & Graphic Design

In some social media roles, you may be required to take photographs, practice videography, or in some cases, design outlets for different brands and companies. As someone who has always had a keen interest in photography, I wandered into this role effortlessly. My own personal experience includes photographing various brands, working closely with the food market and corporate industry. If you have a love for taking pictures, start small. If you feel as though photography could become a potential career, don’t be afraid to invest in a better camera and equipment. Time and practice has given me the opportunity to build up my camera collection.

A lot of social media companies will need someone with a strong love for graphic design. I remember walking into my first marketing role and feeling extremely lost when my boss told me to start designing online posters and ad campaigns. With the use of Canva, I quickly adapted to this new role, and now I absolutely adore it! If you’re any way artistic or creative, your ideas will run wilder than you ever imagined once you start designing!

Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing. Millennials are changing the way we use advertising, and are certainly adapting the way we influence. From online advertising to influencer marketing, social media has changed the way we promote. How we advertise via the World Wide Web is only just beginning, and it will continue to grow. Facebook videos resemble the new “television advertisements”, and Instagram represents “newspaper promotions”, and so on. We spend more time on our phone in the mornings than we do reading the newspaper. Advertising is all around us. Online marketing will only continue to evolve as we grow older. The market for jobs in this industry is continuing to evolve, and if it’s something you’ve merely thought of doing, I encourage you to take that leap! Whether you wish to work for a private agency or have considered working in the public sector, this job role is desired everywhere. With the continuous growth in social media, nearly every business is looking for someone to fill a position as their Social Media Executive or Digital Marketing intern. If you’ve got what it takes, just do it ✔️.

“Bring the best of your authentic self to every opportunity. – Brian Jantsch