Vienna: A Travellers Guide

I recently visited Vienna, Austria, where I fell in love with the Christmas Markets and cuisine. After 4 days well spent in the city, I’ve decided to guide you through some of the best places to see, eat and venture to!

Where To Visit

Christmas Markets

If you’re visiting Vienna in the Winter, be sure to visit the beautiful Christmas markets, which are located on nearly every street corner. Some larger than others, but all truly worth it. Amongst these Christmas Markets, you will find true national cuisine especially catered to those living in Austria. From Apple Strudel to Wiener Schnitzel, you’ll find a range of food born to Vienna. Grab yourself a cup of punch and explore the various cabins & discover the many creations of locals.

Museum Quarter

If you’re fond of history & architecture, I urge you to visit Vienna’s Museum district. It’s quite self explanatory, this area covers every museum imaginable. From national history to exquisite art, you’re guaranteed to find a museum suitable to your liking. I will list some of my top go- to’s below.

Leopold Museum

The National History Museum

Museum Of Military History (a little bit outside Museum Quarter)

The Parliament Museum

The list truly goes on!

St. Stephens Cathedral

Located just minutes away from Vienna’s shopping district, this Cathedral is truly worth visiting. Not only did I visit this beautiful church, but I was lucky enough to visit while a choir performed Christmas songs for locals. Designed by Anthon Pilgram, this exquisite architectural piece stands out a mile with its unique gothic designs. This cathedral is the most religious building in Vienna, and certainly worth visiting if you have interest in architecture and design.

The University Of Vienna

Having finished University last year, I was thoroughly interested in exploring an international college outside Ireland. I visited the University of Vienna which is very central to the city, and only a 15 minute walk away from the Museum Quarter. I was truly mesmerised by the beauty of this college. This University has been developed into one of the largest Uni’s in Europe, so is certainly worth travelling to (with over 90,000 students). If you admire history, venture to this beautiful university and explore the historic landscape and architecture, which was designed in the 1300’s.

Schönbrunn Zoo

I know a lot of people wish to avoid the Zoo when travelling abroad, especially if you have a zoo local to your area. Having said that, this zoo is unique, located on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace. There are over 500 species of animals, including Giant Pandas, Siberian Tigers and Polar Bears. In more recent times, a new baby polar bear was introduced to Schönbrunn Zoo, making it more unique than ever!

Othe Top Tourist Attractions

Schönbrunn Palace


Vienna State Opera

Belvedere Palace & Museum

Donataurm (The Viewing Tower).

Austria’s largest food market (near Museum Quarter).

Where To Eat & What To Try

Salm Bräu (located 15 minutes outside the city)

Restaurant Rote Bar (for local cuisine)

Restaurant Lebenbaur

Molly Darcy’s (if you fancy a taste of home).

Portofino (Italian next to the Opera House).

Christmas Markets!

Food You Must Try

Wiener Schnitzel

Pork/Veal Schnitzel

Bratswürst & Frankfurt (Hot Dog)

Apple Strudel

Viennese Crepes

Potato Dumplings

Goulash (beef goulash with potato dumplings..)

Sachertorte (dessert)

Kaiserschmarrn (pancakes cut up into pieces served with apple)

I’ve only gone and given myself the greatest appetite for pancakes, schnitzel & apple tart! I truly fell in love with the Viennese cuisine, having already been a major fan of German food after my visit to Berlin last year! If you haven’t already considered Vienna, I hope I have inspired you to book flights right away!