Battling Anxiety: Covid-19

I’ve been housebound for a week, and alone for 3. I haven’t had physical contact with friends in nearly a month, and spend most of my time at the beach. It’s within 2 kilometres of my home, the limit we’ve been told we can walk to from home. Having said that, I am extremely lucky to be housebound with the best people I know, my family. I know I’m not alone in this though, this is a Global Pandemic, affecting everyone individually. Hundreds of families are in mourning and cannot hug their loved ones, and dozens of people are stuck in uncomfortable domestic situations. I wanted to write a comforting piece to those out there who may need a little bit of reassurance during a difficult time. I’m sure all of you will agree that nearly every day is like Groundhog Day. The days that stand out to me are the one’s where I travel outside my 2km distance to go on a food shop. Supermarket trips are somewhat enjoyable. I want to offer a bit of guidance to those who too may be finding this time remarkably difficult, or perhaps you’re just looking to read something uplifting. Below I have listed some positive things I have taken the time to do while stuck at home, inspired to help others along the way.


I started Yoga months ago during a period where I was faced with uncertainty. I’d heard that Yoga and Meditation were the greatest mind healers, so I gave it a go. Initially, I found Yoga more stressful than not, as alike many anxiety sufferers, your mind is the biggest racer out there. After some time, I learned how to control my core, both in my mind and body. Ever since, I perform home yoga workouts most mornings. It’s a great way to stretch out your muscles and awaken your body in the most positive way possible. Our bodies desire stimulation, and if we do not stimulate our muscles and get the heart racing, negative feelings will fester, causing loneliness and depression. If you are looking for a home workout plan that doesn’t consist of over working your body, I highly recommend practicing Yoga. It’ll take your mind off everything the world is facing at the moment.

Turn Off Your Phone

Screen time is one of the greatest ways to manifest depression. It’s an unspoken drug that takes up hours of our time, an addiction. Going on your phone can have positive means to an end, watching funny videos and socialising with friends. But be careful not to overdo your time spent online. Although social media is a great thing to pass the time, it’s extremely unhealthy for the mind, and again, de- stimulates the mind, forcing us to feel negative and unhappy. I have personally noticed a difference in my mood when avoiding my phone for hours. I feel relief, contentment and somewhat at ease. Designate an hour or two to your phone, as you would when working. I’ve started to monitor my screen time, allowing myself to abuse my online period in the mornings and again, for an hour in the evening. Distract yourself in the afternoons and make use of the hobbies you once had and forgot about. You’ll forget about your phone and all of it’s distractions.

Read A Book/Magazine

I often hear bloggers and psychologists suggest reading to stimulate the mind. This doesn’t always have to be a big novel that tires you out. If you enjoy pop culture and magazines, read one or two during your spare time, rather than wasting hours on Tik Tok. Not only is reading extremely educational, but it’s also a brain stimulator which enhances positive thoughts. If your mind is flustered and distracted by the current affairs, pop on some light music, do a little bit of yoga, and present yourself with a good read.

Create A Positive Space

Since lockdown was introduced, I felt it was important that my home space was comfortable, enticing and cosy. I set up candles in my bedroom, and I even moved my bed so I could set up a yoga and home workout space. I even reorganised my clothes, as Spring is well and truly here. A good hoover and fresh sheets opened up my mind and gave me a feel good vibe in my room. Opening the windows throughout the day brings light and happiness. If flowers brighten your mood, collect some from your garden and put them somewhere that’ll lift your spirits. We don’t often point out these positive objects, in fact we usually pass them without paying a blinds bit of notice. But believe it or not, you may not realise what they are doing for your mental health, but our subconscious mind is lifted by the beautiful colour and captivity brought into our home.

No More Negativity

These are difficult times for everybody, but unfortunately, a lot of people are ignorant and careless. I have been trolled, dismissed and argued with online since lockdown began. My mind is positive, so I do not let these negative comments affect me. Having said that, many others allow the comments of other people affect them. They allow it to tear them down. Each one of us are fighting a personal battle at the moment, so let’s respect one another. If you feel undermined, or are struggling in your family situation or are in a relationship that you cannot run from, remind yourself that this current situation is not permanent. It is a temporary shit-show, and you are not alone. If someone is pulling at your emotions and putting you down, now is the time to cut it out. If someone is sending you nasty comments online, block them. Now is the time to enhance positivity and positivity only. Watch films that give you a giggle. Speak to those who uplift your mood. Ring a friend who always instils positive vibes. If you are reading this and are on the opposite end, feeling unhappy, sad and have let your anger get the better of you, take a deep breath. Every single person is going through this. You are not alone. People want to hear from you, they want to help. Be positive, let’s count down the days until freedom is amongst us.

Be Kind

.. And on that note, in a world full of horror and anguish, be kind. Send a kind message of concern to someone you care about. Text someone you haven’t spoken to in months, letting them know that they are in your thoughts. Sometimes you have to instil a little positivity in order to get it in return. And sometimes you may instil positivity and receive negativity or nothing in return. But at least you know you’ve done your bit, you’ve promoted a dose of kindness, and are doing your very best. We’ll get out of this mess, and we will get out stronger, happier and kinder.

Mind yourselves folks. And stay within your 2km radar!