Turning 25: 12 Months Since My Last Annual Update

A year ago, I wrote a blog post about turning 24. My blog post, labelled “Being 23, and turning 24” scoped my life as a 23 year old and all I’d learned in a year. I gave immense insight into my life after University, and how I was struggling with my mental health. I’d just finished working in a company and was freelancing and struggling to find business. I was living in a place of fear, but was confident life would get better. I had my family, my closest friends and a really supportive boyfriend who pulled me through my darkest moments. Little did I know, a month after posting my birthday post, everything would change. Two days after celebrating my anniversary with my partner, the relationship ended out of the blue. I was never given the answers I deserved, and blamed myself initially. Come August, I struggled with grievance and personal life changes, but drove myself into a new career in photography which excelled massively within weeks. Friendships revamped and life started to take a positive turnaround. That anxious 23 to 24 year old took a grip of her life and realised that you can put your full trust and care into someone and they can still let you down. I vowed I would never expect anything from anyone again. We have to be happy in our own skin in order to make a success in life. No one else will do it for us.

Come September, I’d gained a new lease of life. I was dating a nice boy, my friendship circle was growing. I was starting to revisit old friendships, which would in turn give me the opportunity to travel abroad to see them. October arrived and I received a few adventurous photography gigs. I was doing photography events outside of Galway, some of which were Limerick based. This gave me the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances.

I started to take part in Yoga classes, and found a love for going for runs in the evenings. In November, I graduated from University for the second time. An achievement I certainly downplayed at the time. I travelled over the Christmas period with my family, making memories I will treasure forever. In January, I packed my bags and travelled solo to the UK where I met and made friends. I revisited London on more than one occasion, enjoying spontaneous trips across the pond. After an exciting few months, our world changed drastically. A virus broke out, Black Live Matter campaigns took off and lives were at stake. Little old me, well I was just grateful to be alive, to have family and friends around me. I still stand by that. Because what else matters? After a year I never envisioned, totally unexpected, I can truthfully say it was one of the greatest, eye opening years I’ve ever had. I lost out on a life I thought I wanted, only to realise that everything I need is within me. I have made myself undeniably happy this year, happier than I’ve ever been. For you, reading this. Let your shadow be your guide into the life you’ve always dreamt of! Only you can make yourself happy. I’ve had the wildest year to date, but I wouldn’t wish for it any other way. I’ve a good feeling this year is only going to be better. ❤️