Valentines Day 2021: How To Celebrate From Home

Whether you’ve been together two months or two decades, it’s no secret that Valentines Day can be extremely stressful. One would say that this year is even more stressful than others. Knowing that we’re in a level 5 Lockdown means that Valentines Day 2021 is going to be incredibly different to other years. No romantic candlelit dinners or weekends away. However, I am here to supply to you some creative idea’s to up your Valentines Day and make it one to remember. Below, I have shared some pandemic ideas for those looking to whisk their partner off their feet. Remember that we’re in a pandemic, so celebrating Valentines Day doesn’t have to come at a high expense. The current pandemic has taught us to appreciate the little things, and with that in mind, don’t panic.

Surprise Them With Food

If food is the way to your partners heart, then make them something special. Maybe they have a favourite dinner, or perhaps they enjoy homemade pancakes in the morning. Surprise them with their favourite dish followed by a drink or two.

While we’re in the food department, let’s talk creativity. Create a candlelit dinner and work up a homemade menu. Tell your partner to dress up in their favourite attire and bring your favourite restaurant to the kitchen.

If you or your partner have a sweet tooth, enjoy a homemade strawberry and chocolate fondue with a glass of vino. I mean, what’s more romantic than chocolate covered strawberries at home with melted fondue?

If you and your partner are enjoying Valentines Day from a distance, set up zoom and enjoy dinner across the way from one another. If you’re far apart, order your favourite takeaway, throw on Facetime and enjoy your favourite film on Netflix Watch Party.

Go On A Local Hike

Whether you’re living together or quarantining from a distance, this may suit the couple that love going outdoors. This can be spent two metres apart if required. Pack up your bags and take a picnic out for the day. Enjoy a hike in a local national park (stay within 5km of your locality), or watch the sun go down at the highest point in your area. Pack a bag full of picnic snacks and your favourite drink and enjoy it outdoors. Remember to wrap up warm! If you’re struggling to get outside, weather permitting, create an indoor picnic!

Recreate Your First Date

If you’ve been going out for a while, a skip down memory lane may be just what you need to liven up the mood. If your first date was cocktails in a local bar, recreate your favourite drinks. If he brought you to the cinema, kick back and enjoy the same film together. Enjoy each others’ company by venturing down memory lane, laughing at old photos and videos.

Paint & Prosecco

If you’re the artsy pair, get nifty! Order yourselves paint sets online and enjoy your favourite drinks while you spend the afternoon painting. If you’re feeling brave, paint one another! If you’re feeling even bolder, recreate that scene in The Titanic…. If you know, you know. If you’re not the painting kind, get creative with pottery or charcoal. Have fun with it, the messier the better!

Take A Virtual Cocktail Class

If you’re a fan of a fancy bev every now and then, I’m sure you will raise a glass to this idea. With some help from a virtual mixology class, craft your own cocktails in the evening after an afternoon filled with activities. If you’re a pair that enjoy a few drinks on a Friday evening, get dressed up and enjoy making cocktails, followed by a little kitchen boogie to some of your favourite songs. Cringe, but make it fun.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re surprising your partner with a gift or two, why not create a treasure hunt? If some of your fondest memories are surrounding your 5km, create a treasure hunt that starts and ends somewhere significant, ie, first date restaurant/where you shared a first kiss. This is certainly more time consuming, especially if you and your partner share plenty of memories, but keep it simple and sweet. Your partner will appreciate the effort gone into exploring your town while skipping down memory lane with you. Weather permitting, perhaps it may suit you better to do this within your own home.

Have A Games Night

For those who have just passed the Honeymoon phase and plan on staying in by the fire for the night, have a trivia and games night. Put on your favourite jammies and grab plenty of snacks. Play some of your favourite board games together and ditch technology for the night. Face off against your partner during a game of beer pong or poker if you want to make things interesting!

Take A ‘Trip‘ to Your Favourite City

Whether you’ve toured Italy together or have escaped to the Caribbean in the past, take your partner to their favourite destination in the comfort of their own home. Crack open a bottle of French wine and enjoy camembert and roquefort while listening to french music. Turn on a themed film (I keep referring to France so let’s go with that), and enjoy a chocolate crepe to end the evening.

Go to the ‘Spa’

We may not have the luxury of a spa weekend away, but that doesn’t mean you cant pamper one another. Be it an oily massage or a night in with face masks, set a peaceful mood and enjoy an afternoon in robes! Enjoy a bubble bath and wine to finish up your evening.

Get Creative With Tik Tok

If you’re the tech savvy kind of duo, get playful with Tik Tok and have fun with it. Whether than means pranking your significant other or choreographing a dance together, have fun with it! This will bring you closer and give you a laugh.

Have A Wine and Dance

After dinner, set the tone with some of your favourite love songs and have a dance together. Enjoy your favourite bubbly and enjoy some alone, romantic time together. Set the romantic tone with rose petals and candles if you’re feeling extra lovey-dovey.

Have a Bake-Off

I know we’re all sick of baking at this stage, but why not whip out the baking equipment to sweeten up your Valentines Day? If you’re feeling competitive, spice up the baking by making a batch of something, and then have a taste test to determine the winner. Play fairly!

Hotel- Stay from Home

As we are so restricted during these times, why not create a hotel stay from home? Pop on some fresh bedsheets and put some thought into room decor. Sprinkle rose petals all over the bed, leave a bottle of prosecco and glasses on the bedside, and enjoy a tray full of fruit and muffins for breakfast. Bring your hotel stay to life by pampering one another, pop on the bathrobes and curl up and watch your favourite film.

Cinema Night In

At this point in lockdown, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty tired of movie nights and Netflix binges, but make this one extra special. Dim the lights, get a giant bowl of popcorn and your favourite topping (Counters or Minstrels obviously?) and enjoy a film that neither of you have seen. This will make the experience extra special and memorable.

Go for a Romantic Walk

Last but not least, go for a walk. Not just any old walk, but a walk that leaves your partner wondering. Take them to ‘your spot’, or somewhere you can watch the sun set together. On your walk, stop at a local florist and surprise your partner with their favourite flowers. Walk to your favourite cafe and surprise them with their favourite drink. A little goes a long way.

The best part about this Valentines Day is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can enjoy each of these at a cheap cost or in the comfort of your own home. By spending less money on your time spent together, you can put more thought into the sentimental value behind Valentines Day. Be it surprising your partner with a sentimental gift, or a present you’ve ordered online.

I hope I have offered some help in the creativity department and that each one of you have a special day, all things considering. Keep your eyes peeled for a generalised gift guide over the coming days.

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