Valentine’s Day: A Lockdown Gift Guide

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your partner or in separate houses this year, I have compiled a list of gifts to inspire you this Valentine’s Day! With 14 days until the big day, let this be your reminder to get ordering in the coming days if you are splurging on the ‘net. Shop locally if you can, or if you want to guarantee that special delivery arrives on time!

Crann Sunnies

These are an absolute must, for both men and women. Super bonus, they’re Irish and completely sustainable! If your partner enjoys keeping things environmental, a pair of sunglasses in preparation for Summer wouldn’t go amiss!

€69.99: Baile Sunnies

Gaelgheansaí & Baile Clothing

If your partner is a massive Gaeilgeoir, why not surprise them with a comfy geansaí or Tshirt from an Irish owned brand? We’re stuck indoors so we may as well get comfortable with plenty of loungewear! This is definitely for the couple who enjoy spins out to Connemara together, indulging their Irish heritage!

A Kindle

This is a little bit pricier, however an investment to say the least! If your partner has been enjoying more me time and has been spending more time reading since the beginning of lockdown, why not go all out and get them a kindle, or perhaps a few books they may enjoy? If you’re looking for a couple of book recommendations, here are a few authors to keep your eyes peeled for:


Marian Keyes

Sophie Kinsella

Sally Rooney

Sophie Ranald

Margaret Atwood

Caroline Foran

…. And for the Men:

James Patterson

Stephen King

George Orwell

Yann Martel

Richard Osman

Octavia E Butler

A Custom Star Map

I have seen plenty of ladies refer to custom star maps in more recent times. If she’s into stargazing or perhaps has a genuine interest in Space, purchase her a star! It’s both sentimental and romantic.

A Wallet

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a fresh leather wallet. If you’ve noticed that your partners wallet has begun to tater, why not invest in a new one? If you want to make it extra special, have it engraved.

A Polaroid Camera

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a polaroid camera to capture your memories together. Click and keepsake. If you want to push the budget, buy a little scrapbook to go with it!


Women love a little something they can wear around their neck from their favourite person. If you’re together a long time, a nice piece of jewellery will brighten up lockdown!

Gag Gifts

Sometimes, funny is the way forward. Buy your partner a witty card, a mug with your face on it or a duvet set covered in your face if you’re feeling that little bit extra!

Perfume and Aftershave

If you’re looking to treat your partner to something sweet, why not purchase a scent you know they’ll love, and better yet, you’ll love on them! Check out or for a wide variety!

A Hamper

If you know your partners taste, put together a hamper full of their favourite things. Chocolate, treats, beverages and even a few face masks. Food really is the way to most peoples’ heart!


If you’re currently in a long distance relationship due to covid, send your partner a big bouquet! stock some incredible bouquets of various sizes. Wouldn’t that be some surprise to wake up to?!

A Personalised Bathrobe

If your partner loves some me time or a good pamper, why not treat them and get them a personalised bathrobe? That, followed by a back massage wouldn’t go amiss!

A Movie Projector Set

I invested in a projector for my sisters’ birthday, and I can safely say it was such a good investment! If you and your partner enjoy a good cuddle and movie night, this may be the perfect gift.

A Fit Bit

For the couple who love to stay fit together, a FitBit may be the best investment yet. If your partner already has a fitbit, look for alternatives such as fitness clothing, weights or a new pair of kicks! A great fitness clothing brand located in Ireland is Gym+Coffee.